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Reason For Having A Do Not Disturb Application Installed On Your Mobile Phone.

One of the most fascinating gadgets today are mobile phones especially when you consider how handy they can be. There is no denying just how much this gadget has been embraced by the current generation and you will hardly go a few meters without finding someone busy on their phone or even making a call. Anytime you need to make an emergency call, you most definitely make such a call using your mobile phone. Even when it comes to calendar management you’re able to easily schedule events with your phone. Should you happen to miss someone and would want to talk to them, then again your phone is the first gadget you reach for when it comes to communication. The list of the many uses of mobile phones goes on and on but it is very important to acknowledge the fact that today it is even possible to work with your phone and even send important emails at the same time. In short, mobile phones are the indispensable gadgets of our generation. That being said, even with the many benefits, mobile phones sometimes can be a distraction and honestly an embarrassment especially when they ring in the middle of an important event. First of all, you get funny stares and to top it, it can be mortifying trying to find your phone in order to shut it down. The people around not only give you disapproving stares, but it also completely throws you off as you fumble to find the phone so that you can stop the ringing. Putting your phone on silent mode is usually the solution to this but unfortunately it does not allow you a lot of functionality in terms of scheduling went to be on silent mode and not went to be. This is where the do not disturb mobile applications come in.

The most obvious advantage of having such an application is that you can schedule specific modes for specific times on your phone. A good example is being able to send out automatic messages to anyone that tries to call you while you are driving to let them know that you cannot pick the phone at such a time. Usually, the silent mode setting in most phones put everything including every single application on silent but with the do not disturb application, you can specifically choose what to put on silent and what not to.Even when it comes to contacts, you can have different settings in terms of who calls you during the do not disturb mode. In conclusion, you would be much better suited having such an application to ensure that you not only stay organized but that you also avoid embarrassment and interruptions during serious meetings. The good news is that you easily download and install such applications according to your preference since they are so many for both android and apple phones.

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