All Airtel Social Plans/Data Bundles (Daily & Weekly)

The Airtel social plan is a bundle created solely for social media platforms such as whatsapp, facebook, twitter and instagram. The tagged it as a plan that would get you connected with your loved ones even when you aren’t financially stable, the airtel social media bundle is extremely cheap and pretty fast just like the normal data bundles. One thing I also love about this plan is that you can use to browse but i won’t reveal the secret now, read through the end of this post 😉.


Various Plans In This post

Below are some of the airtel social media data plans I’d be talking about in this post:

  • Airtel whatsapp plan
  • Airtel facebook plan
  • Airtel instagram plan
  • Airtel twitter plan

Airtel Social  Data Plan For 25 Naira

This is the least plan in the Airtel social bundle. Dial *948*4#, you’ll be credited with 25MB valid for 1 day.
Note: This plan can only be used on Whatsapp.

Airtel Social  Data Plan For 50 Naira

Valid for 7 days, this plan gives 40MB valid for 1 day. Dial 688*3# to activate the N50 airtel social bundle.

Airtel Social  Data Plan For 100 Naira

You can activate the Airtel social bundle for N100 naira by simply dialing *688*3#, you’ll be rewarded with 100MB valid for 5 days.

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Airtel Social Data Plan For 300 Naira

You can subscribe to this plan by dialing *688*1#, everybody is eligible and the volume data is is 700MB valid for 25 days.

Airtel Social  Data Plan For 1,500 Naira

Although i wouldn’t advise anyone to go for this particular plan as there are other good data bundles that will give you access to everything that deals with the internet (like the airtel 1gb for N200 plan). You can subscribe to this plan by dialing 688*1#, you’ll be credited with 600MB valid for 25 days.

How To  Browse With Airtel Social Bundle

Like I promised earlier, there is a way that you can browse your favourite websites with the social plan. You can do this by using the opera mini see browser as it allows the browsing of websites with the Airtel social bundle plan.

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