10 Best Aviation Schools In Nigeria

Do you wish to build your career as a pilot or an aeronautic engineer? Seeking accredited schools in Nigeria where you can fulfil this dream, take up courses on flight and aircraft management, gain a pilot license, then this guide is a sure lead for you.

In this guide, I’ll be showing you list of Aviation schools in Nigeria that will give the best of what you wish to study, their school fees and charges.

List Of Aviation Colleges In Nigeria

Below is the list of the top aviation schools you can study piloting, aeronautics and other aviation courses in Nigeria:

Nigeria College Of Aviation Technology

The Nigerian College of Aviation Technology is one of the oldest Aviation schools in existence.

It was established in 1964 as a higher institution for Aviation of Training with its location in Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

The institution was funded by the Nigerian Federal ministry of Aviation.

This school which was initially know as Nigerian Civil Aviation Training Center when we started its full Operations in 1966 with Technical support coming from the United Nations Development programmed and the international civil aviation organization.

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NCAT offers courses on aviations managemt, aircraft craft maintenance and engineers, international flight training, flying instruction Course, Private or international pilot license, Standard pilot course, aeuronomical telecommunication engineering and air traffic services and communication.

International Aviation College, Ilorin

International Aviation College, Ilorin is the first privately owned Aviation institute in Nigeria. It is an Aviation College founded and established by Kwara State government but not as a government institution but jointly owned with a private sector.

They offer different aviation courses which include;

  • Certificate in Flight Dispatchers and Course
  • Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer
  • Private Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating
  • Safety Management System
  • ICAO English-Rating & Teaching
  • Crew Resource Management
  • Multi Engine Rating
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Operation and Risk Management
  • Leadership and Team Building in Aviation
  • Cabin Crew Training
  • Threat and Error Management

They  majorly cover four faculties which include;

  1. Flight School
  2. Maintenance School
  3. Air Traffic Control School
  4. Support Sources Control

They are geared to fully train students to become pilots, aircraft engineers, air traffic controllers and Cabin Crew.

The Fees of this institution is quite on the high side as administrative fee is N439,500 or $1542.11. Prospective students are to pay the sum of N25,000 for standard pilot and N20,000 for pilot dispatch, with a school fees of 4,486,905 naira for private Pilot level and 11,353,155 for commercial pilot level.

Universal School Of Aviation

Universal School of Aviation is an international accredited institution built and developed to meet the needs of the aviation industry by producing adequately trained staff who can feature in both local and international grounds.

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These courses include; Air ticketing, Electronic booking, Hotel Management, Flight attendant/Cabin Crew, Tourism Management and Travel Agency Management.

The school is located at 136 Isolo Road/Ikotun Road, Egbe Lagos.

School Fees are dependent on the course of study. Although, most courses are on fair price of N50,000 which is liable to change.

Universal School of Aviation makes study easy and affordable as newly admitted students who have financial constraints are given the ability to apply for a discount of 10% of the tuition fee.

Families with more than one son or daughter in the institution are entitled to sibling discounts.

A 10% discount is automatically granted when two siblings are enrolled into the school in any session. With three or more siblings, the two lower tuition fees are favoured with a 10% discount also.

This discount offer is also granted to students whose siblings passed through the school. Documents to prove relationship with the person is all you need to access this offer.

Landover Aviation Business School (LABS)

Located at 17 Simbiat Abiola Road, Ikeja, Landover Aviation Business School is a Nigerian Civil authority approved training institute, established 2002, with authorization from international air transport association.

LABS exists as an institution to instill professionalism and enable students excel in their career as pilots, Air Travel agents etc. This is done with the aid of enhanced learning techniques, audio visuals, lectures backed up with case studies and practicals.

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These practicals demonstrations and simulation exercises ensure that the students have maximum interaction with their learning environment.

LABS offer a wide range of training programs which cuts across; Travel & Tourism, Technical & Operations and Aviation management.

Landover Aviation Business grants students a large practical scheme of study.

The list of Courses includes;

    • General Aircraft Knowledge
    • Air law and Procedure
    • Operational Dispatch Procedure
    • Aviation Security
    • Feedback
    • Crew Resource Management
    • Service Procedure
    • Communication
    • Meteorology
    • Aviation Psychology and Physiology
    • SEP ( Emergency Procedure/Safety and Survival)
    • Aviation Security
    • Dangerous Goods
    • Health and Beauty Therapy
    • Service Procedure
    • Passenger Care and Psychology

These courses are designed for young school leavers who wish to have a career in the Aviation industry or instructors and cabin crew leaders who wish to brush up or refine their knowledge and techniques.

LABS runs a tuition fee of N150,000 which covers course materials, practicals, demonstrations, coffee, lunch and certificates. There also comes an additional N50,000 for NCAA examination and licensing fees, which is subject to change.

Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)

Dhaewood aviation business school is located at Cement Bus stop, 30 Lagos-Abeokuta expressway, Dopemi, Ikeja.

It is a private professional training institution, established 2005 with a primary objective of promoting quality training in aviation and Travels. This promotion cuts across even to the tourism industry.

This institution professionally caters for the need of young ambitious school leavers who wish to make a career in the industry, by making them employable through skills they possessed in their course of study.

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DABS runs a wide range of courses which include Air ticketing course, Air Travel studies, Airline Cabin Crew, IATA certificate, Travel & Tourism Courses, 2D/3D Animation courses, Travel visa processing and management, Forex Trading course, CRS/GDS, Airport security and safety, Aviation studies, shipping, imports and exports.

Aeronautics, Airline Call Center, Aircraft engineer, Airline Revenue management, Hospitality management, Human Resource Management.

DABS runs a span of 45+ courses for the students, with additional skill sets that can make the students to make them self employed.

These courses because of its large scoopedconsidering the different scopes of study, none of them have a specific amount of payment.

Continental Aviation School

Continental aviation school is an aviation college located in Abeokuta, it has wide range of courses that covers the hotel industry, tourism and the aviation industry.

CAS provides licences for the following experience in piloting;

      1. Private Pilot
      2. Commercial Pilot
      3. Airline transport pilot

Continental aviation school boasts of having the best instructors with a minimum of 30,000 flight hours experience.

Gibair Aviation Academy

Gibair Aviation Academy is located in Ikotun, Lagos. It offers diverse courses in aviation which includes piloting, air ticketing, cabin crew, airport operation, tourism operation, cargo handling, clearing and forwarding. It is known to have graduate over 5000 students and offers over 50 courses , it also has about 29 companies partnering with the company.

Lagos Aviation And Maritime Business Academy

Also known as LAMBS academy, this aviation school is is a state owned aviation college with the aim of graduating the best workers in the aviation sector in diverse ramifications such as Aviation Management, Maritime Management, NID security management and technology.

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Falcon Aviation Training

Falcon aviation training is an aviation college located in Lagos State, It was founded by Erika Achum and Toyin Sanni with the sole aim of helping aviation students and aspirants get the degree they desire for an affordable amount of money.

Aeroport College of Aviation and Travel Management

Aeroport is another good aviation school in Lagos, ACATM provides one on one tutorials to their students to enhance their knowledge of aviation. Below is a list of the courses offered by ACATM;

      • Air ticketing and reservation
      • Travel agency management
      • Cabin Crew Abi-Initio Training
      • GDS/CRS Advanced GDS/CRS Training


As aviation has become one of the most lucrative course in Nigeria, getting a sound aviation college should be your priority because gaining employment in an aviation industry is mostly determined by the reputation of the school you graduated from, this list of aviation schools in Nigeria is just an heads up, do well to make further research on the topic.

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