Best Radio Stations In Nigeria (Full List)

Despite the fact that the television is widely used in Nigeria, the demand for contents on radio is still high. That’s why i have written this article on the best radio stations in Nigeria.

Radio stations can be used for different purposes such as music promotion, announcements, news and even brand promotion which is why you should go for the best. There are over 300 radio stations in Nigeria and getting a reliable one which will give you the publicity you need is hard to find but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered by making the research and bringing it out here.

Best Radio Stations You Should Check Out

Below are the various radio stations we’ve reviewed, there are many more to the list but the ones written below are the stations we made research on.

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Wazobia FM

Based in Lagos, Wazobia FM is the first indigenous radio station in Nigeria  that is it’s the first station to air with the Nigerian pidgin English, the name is gotten the three major languages in Nigeria; Wa – Yoruba, Zo – Hausa while Bia – Igbo. Wazobia is considered to be the most popular radio station in Nigeria, it is owned by Globe Communication Limited one of the biggest media company in Nigeria.

Brila FM

Brila FM is a sport radio station, it is considered to be one of the most heard radio station in Nigeria. Ever since its inception in 2002, no radio station has completed with Brila FM,  Brila airs in Abuja, Onitsha and Kaduna. This is the number go-to radio station for sports lovers hence if you are planning to promote your brand to sport lovers then Brila FM should be your choice.

RayPower FM

Owned by DAAR Communication, Raypower FM, DAAR is the first independent broadcasting network in Nigeria that is it’s the first privately owned broadcasting company in. Due to its age, Raypower FM is aired across almost all the part of Nigeria.
DAAR communications are the owner of the popular Africa Independent Television (AIT)

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. Because Raypower is a subsidiary of DAAR communication, many media giant has invested into it and it has also been awarded countless times.

Cool FM

Cool FM is an entertainment radio station focused on dishing out entertainment gossips, music, politics, sports and other topics. Cool FM is a foreign-owned radio station, it is owned by a Lebanese man called Amin Moussalli. Cool FM is aired across different part of Nigeria and has become one of the best radio station to promote yourself, music, brand, or product.

Beat FM

Beat FM is a musical radio station that airs in Lagos In Lagos. It was the radio station to the blue tick verification badge in Africa. Beat FM boast of been the only radio which 80% of its listeners are youths. Beat FM is suitable for people who want their business and brand to be promoted to youths. Beat FM also has different segments which involves sports and gossips.

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SoundCity FM

SoundCity FM is a radio station based in Lagos, it is focused on bringing its listeners the most trending music and is also focused on promoting upcoming artistes to enable their music to reach a wide range of audience, they also have different active social media platforms. Soundcity fm is recommended for artistes who wish to promote themselves.

Classic FM

We weren’t able to get enough information about this radio station but according to our findings, it is considered to be one of the best radio station as it has gotten diverse awards which includes City People Music Award for Radio Station with Best Nigerian Content (Urban) and lots of others. Classic FM airs in Lagos, it has the sole aim of giving its audience music ranging from the 80s, 90s, and the 00s.

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Urban96 FM

Urban96 FM is one of the most aired radio station with its headquarter in Lekki, Lagos. Since its inception in April 2016, it delivers its contents in English. Urban96 focuses on entertainment news, gossips and music. Its musical content is spread across different genre such as Hip Hop, RnB, rap and other genres. Urban has set many record in the Nigerian broadcasting networks, it is the first radio station to have over 400,000 listeners in its first month of test transmission.

Rhythm FM

As the name implies, rhythm FM is a music radio station that has the sole aim of giving Nigerians music ranging from RnB, Hip Hop, culture and style and other popular music genres, Rhythm FM won the best internet radio station in 2014 (Nigerian Dot Com Award).
It is a subsidiary of Silverbird communication, Rhythm FM is suitable for music producers, artistes and even other media companies who are interested to get their contents to many music lovers across Nigeria.

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NigeriaInfo FM

NigeriaInfo FM is a news radio station in Lagos, Nigeria. It is known for its unbiased delivery of news. So as not to make their listeners bored, NigeriaInfo hosts different talk shows concerning diverse issues in Nigeria, they also host sport shows for their listeners.


Above are the best radio stations in Nigeria that we’ve reviewed, the list will be updated whenever we get any new information about the radio stations. Our team will also add more to the list after reviewing more radio stations.

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