Best Restaurants In Calabar You Should Check Out

Food is essential and it is what you can find in every nook and corner in Calabar. Asides having beautiful tourist attractions like the tourist centers in Lagos. Calabar is a big city that has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing and majorly food.

Here in Calabar, you find restaurants that cater for every taste bud and that is why we’ve decided to come up with a list of  the best restaurants in Calabar.

Top Restaurants in Calabar – Check the best food spot in Calabar

Below are the list of restaurants in Calabar you should check out.

Freddy’s Restaurant

Well, this restaurant is popular as one of the best restaurants in the Seaport city of Calabar.
This restaurant is no doubt the best restaurant in Calabar as they serve arguably the best Continental, Lebanese and Oriental cuisines in Calabar. Freddy’s offers intercontinental dishes with plenty of local flair. If you want to visit Calabar this summer from Lagos, Freddy’s restaurant is a place you should visit to satisfy your taste bud and stomach.
The workers at Freddy restaurants are very welcoming as they are ready to provide you with tips and info to tour around Calabar without getting lost.
Freddy’s is at 90 Atekong Drive, State Housing Estate

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Tinapa Lakeside Hotel

There is another restaurant for people of caliber. It is housed in the Tinapa Lakeside Resort in Calabar and they offer very sumptuous food. Though they can be very luxurious yet, they offer very affordable food.
Food is something everyone needs and will waste if not eaten, so why will they waste food when they can offer it at a relatively low price.
It is an ideal venue for both businessmen and women who want a little bit of peace and quiet, and couples who want to get away from the hustle and bustle from the city. Asides, intercontinental dishes, Tinapa lakeside offers indigenous meals with a touch of class. You can’t go wrong with their Abak Nmong Nmong Ikong (Water leaf Palm fruit juice soup) or the Baked Mackerel fish with cassava chips (Edita Iwa). Tinapa Lakeside is located within the Tinapa Free Zone at 8 Miles Adiabo, Calabar Municipal, Ikot Omin.

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The Royal Chinese Restaurant

This is the place to eat Chinese in Calabar. It is located within the stunning Mirage Hotel. Their menu contains mouth watering delicacies with a wide variety of choice. The service is courteous. The setting is inviting with a beautiful chinese decor. Mirage Hotel stands out for offering Chinese food amidst so many restaurants offering local cuisine. Mirage Hotel is at Plot 230 State Housing Estate, MCC Road, Calabar.

Channel View Restaurant

Channel View Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant located at #27 MCC Road, Calabar. Located within the Channel View Hotel, this restaurant has award-winning Chefs who whips out the best in intercontinental and national dishes. Here you can enjoy local delicacies like Afang, Ukang Ukom, Unam Ntong and Edesi Esip soups with swallows in the context of a fine dining experience. If you are visiting Calabar, you just need to check out Channel View.

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Vonerika Restaurant

This cozy restaurant is tucked away at 39 Atekong Drive, Calabar. The food is excellent and the service is such that makes you feel like royalty. At Vonerika, you can have a dine-in experience or order a takeaway. If you want to enjoy yummy and tasty meals, you can’t go wrong with Vonerika.

Native Delicacies

Native delicacies is another breathtaking restaurant in the city of Calabar. This restaurant has a swimming and also a conducive environment for you to hangout with your family and friends. It is located at 118 Murtala Mohammed Hwy, Ikot Ekan Edem, Calabar.

Calabar Wakkis Restaurant

Calabar wakkis restaurant Indian-Nigerian restaurant, it is one of the best restaurant in Calabar because they serve a wide range of delicacies ranging from Nigerian to Indian meals. If you are a lover of foreign meals then the Calabar Wakkis restaurant for you, it is located at Ikot Eyo, Calabar and it is open for 24 hours which means they are always available.

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E3 Restaurant

If you are a lover of beautiful environment then E3 is the right stop for you, the E3 restaurant is located in Duke Town, opposite PHCN office in Calabar. This restaurant is known for its beautiful interior design and nice foods.

Fresh Green Cafeteria

Fresh green cafeteria is another awesome restaurant in Calabar, it is located at IBB Way, University Satellite.

They serve a wide range of delicious meals, they also boast of having all types of Calabar local delicacies.

Eme Inn Calabar

Eme Inn Calabar specializes in dishing out delicious local delicacies ranging from goat head pepper soup, grilled fish, afang soup and a lot more. The most meals they prepare are Calabar local delicacies. Eme Inn is located at 12 Bassey Edim Street, Cross River, Nigeria.

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Final Thoughts On The Best Food Spots In Calabar

Now that you’ve seen arguably some of the best restaurants in Calabar, you won’t want to argue with us because we really did make a thorough research. If you feel there are restaurants that should be added to the list. You can mention them in the comment box below and we will be happy to check them out.

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