Top 6 Cheap Colleges In Canada For International Students

Have you been seeking to discover some of the available cheap colleges in Canada? This article has got you covered! As we will be dealing with the best cheap colleges in Canada you can study. 

But before we get into details about the cheap colleges in Canada, let’s consider some of the reasons why you should choose Canada. 

What Are The Cheap Colleges In Canada

There are a lot of cheap colleges in Canada that are available for international students. In a rare moment of grandeur, let’s consider some of these colleges. 

Below are some of the cheap colleges in Canada. 

  • ALGONQUIN COLLEGE: the University of Alberta is one of the cheapest universities in Canada that offers varieties of courses. You can learn more about the institution here. 

  • BOW VALLEY COLLEGE: Among the cheap colleges you can consider in Canada is bow valley college.  

  • CAMOSUN COLLEGE: Another college that comes next on our list here is CAMOSUN COLLEGE. This is one of the colleges in Canada that is committed to the development of students. In addition to this, there are over 1000 slots that have been reserved for international students in the institution. 

  • GEORGIAN COLLEGE: This is one of the institutions in Canada that has affordable Tuition fees. The institution offers a lot of courses for international students, Both those from English-speaking countries and non-English-speaking countries. 


  • LAMBTON COLLEGE: If you genuinely desire to study in one of the cheap colleges in Canada, then think no further than Lambton college. LAMBTON college is one of the oldest colleges in Canada, that has been able to raise outstanding personnel, that are doing great in every sphere of life.  This college has been in existence for the past 40 years, offering qualified education to the students.  The college offers courses in various fields such as health, technology, etc. 

  • NIAGARA COLLEGE: If you want quality education in one of the cheap colleges in Canada, then Niagara college in Canada. 

Schools in Canada That Offers Scholarships 

Aside from the cheap colleges in Canada that we’ve discussed above, you can as well consider some of the schools that offer Scholarships in Canada. 

  1. University of King’s College Scholarships

The University of King’s College is the oldest chartered and the first English-speaking university in the Commonwealth.

International students are required to enroll under foundation year, king honor’s, and journalism programs.

Undergraduate Degree Programs 

  • General Entrance Scholarships.
  • Major Entrance Scholarships.
  • Donald R. Sobey Family Scholarships.
  • Prince Scholarships.
  • Global News Scholarships.

Graduate and Advanced Degree Programs 

  • Acadia Broadcasting Scholarships.
  • CTV News Atlantic Scholarships.
  • Audrey Stevenson Memorial Scholarships.

Admission Application Fee – CAD$70 for undergraduates, CAD$115 for postgraduates

  1. NSCAD University Scholarships

NSCAD University is a first-degree art school that is a bit selective when it comes to admission.

It offers various fine arts and assistantship programs for international students.

The following scholarships are available at NSCAD for students:

  • Robert Pope Foundation Scholarships.
  • Roloff Beny Foundation Scholarships.
  • Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships.

Admission Application Fee – CAD$0 (Free)

  1. Atlantic School of Theology Scholarships

Atlantic School of Theology is a graduate-level school that is best in providing education in Theology.

Candidates can also opt for Master’s degree courses such as Master of Divinity, Arts.

Chandler School of Theology offers the following scholarships

  • AST’s Entrance Scholarships.
  • International Students Bursary.
  • New Scotia Scholars Award.
  • AST-Administered Bursaries.

Admission Application Fee – CAD$50

  1. Mount Saint Vincent University Scholarships

Mount Saint Vincent University has dozens of scholarships to offer undergraduates and students in arts, science, and professional studies.

Mount Saint Vincent University Scholarships are 

  • Entrance Scholarships of Mount Saint Vincent.
  • Graduate Women’s Studies Scholarships.
  • Diamond Jubilee Entrance Scholarships.
  • Course scholarships.

Admission Application Fee – CAD$50

  1. University of Montreal Scholarships

The University of Montreal has fully funded scholarships for all degree-level students in various disciplines. Online applications are opened for Bachelor’s, Masters, and Ph.

The university scholarships and financial aid programs for students are:

  • Entrance Scholarships.
  • Merit Scholarships for Existing Students.
  • Departmental Scholarships.
  • Need-Based Scholarships.

The school opens admission for Canadian National and international students thrice a year, during summer (July), Fall (September), and winter (February).

Financial Coverage Plans of the University of Montreal includes:

  • Full residential support.
  • Free semester tuition.
  • Airfare to and from my home country.
  • Additional education costs.
  • Conference participation fee.
  • Experiment fee.
  • Monthly stipend.
  • Medical insurance.
  1. University de Montreal Entrance Scholarships

Bachelor’s Degree Level Scholarships

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The University De Montreal offers three levels of bachelor’s degree scholarships, each with different financial coverage offered based on the student’s previous academic record.

The levels are:

  • Level A – 11,998 CAD for a year (30 credit hours for two sessions) Or  5,999 CAD for a session (15 credits hours) Or 399 per credit hour.
  • Level B – 5,718 CAD for a year (30 credit hours for two sessions) Or 2,859 CAD for a session (15 credits hours, Or 190.60 CAD per credit hour.
  • Level C – 2,000 CAD for a year ( 30 credit hours) Or 1,000 CAD for a session (15 credits hours), Or 66.67 CAD per credit hour.

Master’s Degree Level Scholarships

Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

The amount of scholarships for Master’s level at the University of Montreal has applied to 45 credit hours a total of $27,300 per year for tuition fee.

Funding – 9,420 CAD for a year (45 credit hours for three sessions), Or 3,140 CAD for a session (15 credits hours)

Ph.D. Level Scholarships

At the University of Montreal, Ph.D. Levels are applied to 45 credit hours a total of #24,300 per year.

Funding – 19,339 CAD for a year (45 credit hours for three sessions), Or  6,546 CAD for a 

session (15 credits hours)

Why Canada?

Have you ever wondered why thousands of students have chosen to study in Canada yearly? According to statista, over 500k+ international students graduate from Canada yearly. 

This shows the high number of international students passionate about schooling in Canada. 

If you have ever wondered why you should study in Canada, the below are convincing reasons why you should study in Canada. 

  • A great environment for learning: Canada has one of the best and most conducive environments when it comes to learning. If you want an environment where you will be able to assimilate faster, think no further than Canada. 
  • Affordable Tuition fees: Canada has one of the cheapest tuition fees among all the European countries. If you would like to study in a European country with an affordable Tuition fee, think no further than Canada. 
  • An opportunity to make international connections: Canada is a country filled with people from various walks of life, and from different nationalities and this allows you to make foreign connections that will last a lifetime. 


If you have been seeking cheap colleges in Canada, we hope this article has been able to answer your query. If you have any questions to ask, kindly do so in the comment box.

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