DSTV Self Service: Clear Error Code With This Simple Method

DSTV self service  is a feature that Multichoice has provided for its users when ever they have an issue with their DSTV decoder or service, users can make use of this feature by simply dialing some codes on their mobile phone. One amazing about self service is that it is easy to use.

Things to know about DSTV

DSTV is a subsidiary of Multichoice a South African based satellite cable company which headquarter is located in Randburg, South Africa. Its subsidiaries are DSTV, GOTV and Showmax.

DSTV is known for its top notch services in delivering the best TV shows ranging from movies, cartoons, music, etc.

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DSTV has standout because of its ability to dish out entertainment to its wide range of viewers across the globe and its diverse features one of it is the ability of DSTV users who are business owners to choose the type of TV channels their customers can have access to through the use of a Remote control.

DSTV Self Service Code

Below are the steps on how to use the DSTV self service:

  • Dial *288# on your mobile device.
  • A menu will appear telling you to choose the service you want, click on ‘DSTV’.
  • Insert your Smartcard number.
  • After following the above guide you can now enjoy the self service by selecting the specific issue you want to rectify.

How To Clear Error Code On DSTV

clear DSTV error code

As a DSTV user i am sure you must have experienced and error code popping up on your TV screen. This can be frustrating cause it stops you from watching the important shows you have planned to watch, i am going to give you some guide on how to clear this error codes.

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How To Clear E04 Error Code

This usually happens if you insert a dusty/broken card or when your smart card isn’t properly inserted into the decoder. You can clear the error code when you:

  • Switch off the decoder.
  • Remove the smart card from the decorder, make sure it doesn’t get scratched on any hard material.
  • Gently clean the card with a dry cloth.
  • Inser the card into the decoder.

If error still persist after carrying out the above instructions, take your decoder to the  nearest Multichoice or DSTV office.

How To Clear DSTV E16 Error Code

This error comes up with a text “Smartcard is not enabled for this channel”. This may be that your account has been suspended.

  • Press menu and then 4 to view your messages.
  • You might see a message telling you to pay, this means that you have to pay before you can access services on your decoder.
  • If you don’t find any message telling you to pay, send an SMS to 32472 with “E16 + your smart card number” as the content.
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How To Clear E32 Error Code

This error comes with a message “Your smartcard is not switched on or activated, or the channel you are trying to view may not be part of your package” this may be as a result of your smart card being switched off or disactivated or probably the channel you are trying to view isn’t part of the package you subscribed for.

  • Send an SMS to 32472 with “E32 Smartcard number” as the content.
  • Alternatively, you can visit ‘My Account’ to clear DSTV E32 error code.

How To Clear E74 Error Code

To clear the E74 error code with a message “LNB2 overload”:

  • Ensure that the cables from the satellite dish is properly connected to the correct ports at the back of the decoder.
  • Switch off the decoder for 10-15 seconds and switch it back on.

If the error still persist after this contact self service on www.dstv.com for the steps to troubleshoot your decoder. Alternatively, you can contact the DSTV customer support.

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How To Clear E30 Error Code

This usually comes with a message “checking the subscription status”. To clear this error code, ensure that:

  • The AV cables are connected to the     correct ports.
  • Switch off your DSTV decoder for 10 seconds.

You can visit dstv.com to troubleshoot or go to the nearest DSTV office if the error persist.

How To Clear E34 Error Code

This comes with a “cannot read smart card” message. It is a result of you not inserting your smart card correctly. To clear this error code:

  • Switch off your decoder.
  • Remove the smart card and gently wipe it with a dry cloth.
  • Gently put back the smart card into the decoder.
  • Switch ON the decoder

If the error continues take your decoder to the nearest DSTV office for testing.

How To Clear All Error Code Using One Method

Luckily DSTV has provided a feature whereby users can clear all error code using just one method. To clear all your error code follow the steps below

  • Ensure you switch ON your decoder.
  • Vist dstvafrica.com/en-ng/manage-error-codes
  • Input your smart card details at the form provided.
  • Select the type of error code you want to clear, that is the code displayed on your TV screen.
  • Click on the ‘fix’button to clear your error code.
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You can also clear your DSTV error code by USSD code

  • Dial *288# on your mobile phone.
  • You will see a list of Multi choice service, click on ‘DSTV’.
  • Insert your smart card number and click on ‘Send’.

If you followed the above DSTV self service instructions correctly, your error code will be automatically fixed. If the problem persist go to any Multichoice office close to you.

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