Evelyn Joshua Biography; Age, Family And State Of Origin

Behind every man’s success there is a woman behind his story. Today, we’re going to take a journey on the Evelyn Joshua Biography and everything you need to know about her.

The huge success story of Pastor TB Joshua won’t be complete if his wife is not mentioned. Tb Joshua who is Nigeria’s famous pastor and Prophet, founder and overseer of The Synagogue Church of all Nations and also one of the richest pastors in the world with a net worth of $10-15 million.

Evelyn Joshua Early Life

Evelyn Joshua, the wife of this great man of God was born on 17th December, 1968 to the amazing family of Mr and Mrs Nicholas Akobundo in Okala Okpumo in Oshimili North Local Government, Delta State, Nigeria. Originally, Evelyn was born as a twin, but fate took her brother before time.

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Evelyn had her early academics in Nigeria at St Emecheta Primary School in Ezi Town in Delta State. Although she was unable to complete her primary education before she relocated to Lagos in 1977.

She completed her Education in Lagos at Orile Primary School in Oshodi and further her education through secondary school.

Evelyn is a hard-working lady as she was able to secure a job at Nigerian Distilleries in Ota, Ogun State upon graduation from school.

It was during her course of work that she got married to Pastor Temitope Balogun Joshua.

Marital Life

Evelyn Joshua travelled to Ikotu Egbe where her sister lived for the reason of paying her courtesy visit. It was during her stay, that she met the young vibrant pastor. Prophet TB Joshua, born June 12,;1963, who is 5 years older than Evelyn might not have expected from natural grounds, that his first meeting with this lady will turn out to his first step into marriage.

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Evelyn who was twenty two years as of that time, decided to meet the man of God for counselling, as she heard powerful stories about him in town.

Being unable to see him at her first day of visit which she had her sister in Company, she didn’t give up but persisted to gain an appointment with the powerful man of God. She really needed a spiritual guide.

Their first meeting which lasted for forty five minutes became the starting point to their marital bliss as pastor TB Joshua proposed to her right there. Making the moments beautiful, she accepted his proposal, as she found her heart coming in union with the man of God.

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It sounded a bit strange for a man of God to propose to a lady he just met for the first time. Later on, the prophet explained to her that he already saw a vision about it few days ago.

The marriage of Evelyn and pastor TB Joshua is exactly at its 30th anniversary. But like every marital story, this union is not void of challenges.

Initially, the marriage had huge setbacks as they were cross cultural. TB Joshua hails from Arigidi, Ondo State while Evelyn is from Okala Okpumo in Oshimili North Local Government, Delta State. It took just God’s grace and unconditional love to keep the pair together.

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Family Life

Evelyn Joshua has 3 daughters for pastor TB Joshua. According to her, she said she is not bothered as all of her children are female, because her husband doesn’t complain over the situation.

His three kids which include Sarah Joshua, Promise Joshua and the third who the family has failed to release her identity to the public probably for the reason that she is still a teenager.

Sarah Joshua, a law graduate of London school of Economics, was called to bar in Nigeria as a legal practioneer in December 2015.

Promise is also in the educational lane studying International relations and politics in the same school her sister graduated from.

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Evelyn Joshua Networth

Evelyn Joshua’s networth is yet to be released to the public by an financial institution. The much we can gather is that she has been a workaholic, making sure that her husband’s ministry grows.

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