Fidelity Bank Salary Structure In Nigeria (2021)

Fidelity Bank is one of the most patronized bank in Nigeria hence many banking and finance graduates seek for a job there, it is no news that banking is one of the most lucrative course in Nigeria which makes Fidelity Bank salary structure is substantial and can be enough to make ends meet and to also give you a comfortable life.

History Of Fidelity Bank

If you are reading this, it means that you are interested in working for Fidelity Bank so i thought it wouldn’t be fair to just write salary structure of Fidelity Bank without giving you her history, awards and how the bank works.

Fidelity Bank is one of the oldest bank in Nigeria, it dates back to 1988 with its headquarter in Lagos, over time, Fidelity Bank has gained ranking its ground in the Nigerian banking sector and has boasted to have about 5 million costumers with a total worth of  $4.2 Billion in 2017. Fidelity Bank offers a wide range of services ranging from loan, savings, mortages, credit cards and investment.

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In 2011 Fidelity Bank was as the 7th most capitalized bank in Nigeria and the 25th in Africa; wow! Fidelity Bank has over 250 branches and more than 774 ATMs across Nigeria and has made banking easy using their mobile banking app. Fidelity Bank is managed by Mustafa Chike (chairman) and Nnamdi Oknonkwo who is the chief executive and managing director.
Due to its competence, Fidelity Bank has won many awards which includes best in mobile banking, best SME friendly bank, most improved corporate/investment bank and a whole lot of other notable awards.

Fidelity Bank Salary Structure; How Much Does Fidelity Bank Pay Staffs

As we all know, Fidelity Bank has different positions and fields hence the payment for each of the staffs differs as it depends on which category you fall into and also, banks and companies do not make the salary structure of their staffs public hence the information below may not be accurate.

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IT/Intership Students Salary Structure

Fidelity Bank also has a unit which consists of students who come to have their internship programme in the bank. Due to the fact that the aren’t the official staffs of the bank, their salary isn’t substantial. Fidelity Bank pays her IT/intership students N10,000 to N15, 000 monthly but there are chance that IT students can be retained after their term.

Fidelity Bank Graduate Trainees Salary structure

Graduate trainees are people who have been newly employed, they are mostly newly graduated students who don’t have experience. This set of workers go through a training for a fixed period before becoming a permanent staff of the bank. During the training, they are paid allowances but it isn’t much due to the fact that they haven’t started the major work in the bank. The salary structure for the graduate trainees is roughly around N60,000.

Fidelity Bank Entry-Level Salary Structure

Fidelity Bank entry-level staffs are those employees that graduated from the graduate trainees. These are new staffs which has been confirmed and are now permanent staffs of the bank. The entry-level staffs earn a little bit lower than the experienced staffs, their salary increases with time but depends on the number of customers who they referred to open a bank account, the bonuses and also the time spent working for the bank. The entry-level staffs salary is N140,000

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Bank Managers Salary Structure

Although there are different units in which the bank managers operate, it’s the highest position held in the bank, Fidelity Banks pay their managers depending on the unit or region they control, due to these factors, there isn’t a fixed amount of money paid to their managers but it falls within the range of N700,000 to N2 million.

Fidelity Bank Salary Structure Based On Units

Below are the various ramifications or units in Fidelity Bank

  • Executive Trainee: Executive trainee are staffs that are responsible for the training of newly employed staffs, their salary per month is N187,500.
  • Software Engineers:
    Software engineers are those that that are responsible for the maintenance of every software used in carrying out banking activities, Fidelity Bank software engineers are paid about N351,000 monthly.
  • Software Developers:
    Software developers are programmers (mostly computer scientists) with the responsibility of creating softwares such as the mobile banking app, ATMs and other software used to carry out banking activities and transactions, Fidelity Bank pays its software developers N100,000/month.
  • Relationship manager: A relationship manager has the sole aim of interacting with the clients and customers in order to make them understand a particular service or to help them make the right decision, the relationship manager in Fidelity Bank is paid about N250,000 per month.
  • Retail Banker:
    Retail bankers can also be called the financial advisors, the responsible for assisting and advising the clients concerning certain services. They are also responsible for the recruitment of bank staffs and also referring potential customers to the bank. In Fidelity Bank retail bankers are paid N375,000 per month.
  • Business Systems Analyst:
    Business system analyst are responsible for observing improvement and fall of profits in the bank, they also give the authorities of the bank advice on what to do depending on the current stock market. Fidelity Bank business system analyst salary isn’t known but we’d update this post immediately we get access to how much they are being paid.
  • Human Resources: They are responsible for the checkmating of the authenticity of transactions carried out, they’re in charge of the fraud cases and other issues concerning security in the bank. The human resource management unit in Fidelity Bank gets about N30,000 per month.
  • IT Security Architect:
    IT security are responsible for checking, designing, implementing and testing different security systems, the are paid about N300,000 monthly.
  • Customer Service Representative:
    A customer care representative is responsible for talking to the customers concerning issues and clarifications about the banking service, they are responsible to take complaints from their customers and fix it, they are paid quite a huge amount of money due to the stress attached to the work, customer care representatives in Fidelity Bank gets about N300,000 per month.
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As you can see, Fidelity Bank pays its worker a substantial amount of money,  that’s all for the salary structure of Fidelity Bank.

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