Highest Paying Courses In Nigeria (2021)

Many new courses and job opportunities comes up every single day, but getting a lucrative seems to be impossible which leaves many graduates unemployed or keeps them in a low earning radar. In this article i am going to list out the highest paying and most lucrative courses in Nigeria.

No one would like to graduate and end up been unemployed, in Nigeria the rate of unemployment is on the increase, one of the reason for this is because students chosed a wrong course to study in the high institution, there are many courses that have lost its relevance in Nigeria but many student made the mistake of choosing it as a choice of study. Before going into the high institution, try to know the pros and cons of what you are going into so as to avoid had i know in the future, many undergraduates have come to that understanding hence they tend to look for a more lucrative course to get admitted into.

Without wasting time, below are the list of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria:

Medicine And Surgery

Medicine and surgery is seen to be  one of the highest paying job in Nigeria because of its high demand, the demand for surgeons and medical doctors is on the increase hence medicine and surgery graduates hardly get unemployed after finishing school. The most interesting aspect of the course is that most of them get withheld by the various hospitals they were posted to in their NYSC which eliminates the hurdles they could go through after passing out. A medical doctor can work in hospitals, pharmacy, schools, WHO and other organizations. The only stress that comes with studying medicine and surgery is that the spend more years in the high institution than other regular courses. Below is the break down of the various places a graduate of medicine and surgery can work.

Career Opportunities In Medicine And Surgery

Hospitals: A hospital is a place where patients are been taken to be administered treatment in case of an illness. The hospital is the main place graduates of medicine surgery work, a graduate can either in a private or public hospitals both are all lucrative.

  • World Health Organization: The world health organisation is an international body responsible for checkmating the affairs of medical personnels and all the happenings in the medical field, the are the governing body to health workers around the globe, graduates of medicine and surgery can also work here.
  • Schools: A medical doctor can work in a teaching hospital once he or she attains a particular degree in their study, the doctor will be responsible for breeding up new medicine and surgery graduates. Many teaching hospitals are in need of lecturers in the medical field hence securing a job her as a med/surgery graduate is easy.
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AirPort Service Worker

This is undoubtedly one of the most highest paying job in Nigeria. This course is mostly shunned because of the financial expenses attached to getting a degree. There are wide variety of workers in the air sector which includes the piloting, aeronautics and air traffic control. The pay for these jobs are cool and the competition rate for employment isn’t really competitive because of the few number of people studying this course,  the airport service workers have a special college they attend which is known as the college of aviation. This is one of the best course you can get involved in, the airport service worker mainly work in the airports they are responsible for the successful journey of every passenger in a plane.

Piloting and aeronautic engineering is one of the most studied course in the aviation sector, below is a heads up of the various work of the airport service workers.

Career Opportunities In Airport Service

  • Pilot: This are people who are responsible for the flying of airplanes and other aircrafts, they go through special training to make sure they have what it takes to keep an object moving in the sky. They are known to be very good geographers, they receive a huge pay for the ports the work for which makes them one of the most sought after courses by the undergraduates.
  • Air traffic controllers: Air traffic controllers are people who controls the activity of the pilots from the airports (usually known as the air control towers), they are responsible for safeguarding the plane while it is on the move against every obstruction such as weather etc.
  • Aeronautic Engineer: Aeronautic engineers are responsible for the creation and repairs of aircrafts, they also study in the school of aviation and work in airports. They are one of the most important workers in the airway sector because there won’t be a pilot and air traffic controllers without them. People who study aeronautics are good technical drawers and constructors.


Despite the fact that this is one of the most popular course in Nigeria, people don’t know it to be lucrative.

The engineering field is one of the highest paying career paths in Nigeria, it has many sub-divisions such as the civil engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, marine engineers, metallurgical engineering etc. Many engineering graduates have made fortunes from this profession.
Below are the break down of the diverse sectors in engineering.

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Career Opportunities In Engineering

  • Civil Engineer: Civil engineers are constructors, they are responsible for the building bridges, houses, companies and other structures. Civil engineering is a lucrative course because new construction companies are been created and the demand for civil engineers is on the increase.
  • Computer Engineer: Like i said, the world is going digital and we encounter computers in virtually everything we do. Computer engineers are responsible for the repair and making of computer gadgets, a computer engineering graduate can work in a company, bank, or an established technology firm.
  • Marine Engineer: Marine engineering isn’t really a popular course in Nigeria which makes it more lucrative. marine engineers are responsible for the making and repairs of ships and any form of water vehio. They can work with the naval force, sea ports and a ship making industry, the colleges offering marine engineering in Nigeria are few, a marine engineering graduate can probably not go through a serious hurdle while looking for a job because of the low competition in the marine field.

Business Admin

Business administration is shunned by a lot of students, a person who studies business administration has a vast range of career opportunities ranging from companies to starting a business. A graduate of business admin is skilled in running a successful business because that’s their field, starting a business after acquiring this degree will give you an edge over your competitors because you must have been taught how to run a business hence you won’t encounter many problems while starting a business.
Having your own business is very lucrative because you’d be the one controlling your career and you’d also have a wide range of business to choose from, you can choose to start a POS, fish farm or a poultry farm business which are all in high demand hence it will fetch a good amount of money. A business admin graduate can also be a public speaker teaching upcoming entrepreneurs the pros and cons of starting a business and what they should avoid, you can be paid for every seminar you speak. Let me give a brief summary of the various sectors a business administrator can work.

Career Opportunities In Business Administration

  • Their own business: This is the main sector of business administration, their are diverse types of businesses you can get involved in as a business administrator. Demands for many goods is rising daily and the number of people supplying those goods/services are less. Before going into a business, make an analysis of the competition, the consumers and the profits in the business. You can choose to start a block industry, mini importation, farming and other lucrative businesses.
  • Company: Business administrators can work in a company as a financial advisor, they can also work in an insurance company. The need for business administrators is on the increase and many companies are willing to apply competent graduates for the job.

Banking And Finance

Many people limit this course to working in banks only. Banking and finance graduates can work in many financial sectors in Nigeria.
Almost every activity we carry out today revolves around finances hence the need for banking and finance graduates is on the increase.
It is no news that banking one of the highest paying job in Nigeria as it requires intelligent individuals who can handle finances, new banks are been established and established banks are opening new branches across Nigeria hence the need for bankers is on the increase. A banking and finance graduate can also work in a many financial institution such as the insurance companies, industries, pension offices etcetera. The only difficulty in studying banking and finance is the intense competition in gaining admission into the high institution.

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Career Opportunities In Banking And Finance

  • Banks: There are over fifteen banks in Nigeria and each of these banks have numerous amount of branches, a banking and finance graduate can work as a cashier, bank teller, loan officer or financial analyst.
  • Insurance companies: Banking and finance graduates can also work in an insurance company. The insurance market isn’t as competitive as banking hence securing a job in an insurance company isn’t has hard as getting a job in the bank. Despite the fact that the insurance sector isn’t as popular as the banking sector, it is still one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.
  • Companies: B and F graduates can also work in many companies ranging from cement industries, bottling companies etcetera. You can work as a cashier in the various companies.


A pharmacist works in the health sector, the career opportunities in pharmacy is wide which has made it one of the best course to study in Nigeria. A graduate of pharmacy in different places ranging from hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, research centers and other related fields. New hospitals are been commissioned and the need for a pharmacist is increasing, the health sector is very delicate hence they pay their workers handsomely. To be a qualified pharmacist in Nigeria, you’d have to go through a degree awarding program in any tertiary institution and then get your license.

Job Opportunities In Pharmacy

  • Pharmaceutical Company: This is the major place a pharmacist can work in, they are responsible for the production of vaccines and drugs, there are many established pharmaceutical companies in Nigeria who are willing to employ many pharmacy graduate.
  • Hospitals: A pharmacist can work in a hospital to monitor the use and supply of every drugs in the hospital. This is to safeguard the hospital from any form of mistak while purchasing the medicines.
  • Research Centres: A pharmacist can also work in a research center as someone who makes research on the various cure and vaccines to illnesses alongside the microbiologist, a research center can be a school or company which gives pharmacist a wide chance of employment opportunities.


A lawyer is a person who defend or prosecute an action. In Nigeria, law has become a major body which safeguard’s equal and rightful actions towards the masses, the need for a lawyer ranges from the political, academic and financial sectors.
Studying law in Nigeria requires you to go through a four years degree awarding program in any tertiary institution offering law, after the one year you are required to go to a law shchool for a year before you can be sworn in.
Been a lawyer is one of the highest paying career path you can choose because established societies are willing to pay a handsome amount of money for their company to be in good terms with the costumers and the government. A lawyer can work at a court, company and even for the government.

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Job Opportunities In Law

  • Law Court: This is the major place a lawyer works. A court is a place where legal actions are been taken. It is also a place where lawyers defends or prosecute a person.
  • Government: The government is a very large body hence i won’t be able to give all the details of where lawyer can work with the government. A lawyer can work in the National Assembly, the president, etcetera.
  • Companies/Industries: Every successful business has a very good lawyer who stands for them incase they run into a problem with their clients or incase of impersonation or fraud.

Petrochemical Engineering

Petrochemical engineers are one of the highest paid workers in Nigeria, they are responsible for the extraction, exploration and refining of petroleums products.
Petrochemical engineers belongs to the oil sector and due to the value of petroleum the workers there gets a handsome pay. Petrochemical engineering graduates can work in any oil production industry, a refinery and can also work in an oil distribution company.
Over the years, the need for petroleum products is increasing massively and many companies are surfacing in the petroleum sector hence new job opportunities are opened to petrochemical engineers.

Job Opportunities In Petrochemical Engineering

  • Refinery: This is an industry where petroleum at its raw stage is been distilled, this is to bring out the oils needed in the crude. The Nigeria refinery is one of the perfect example of where a petrochemical engineer can work.
  • Oil and gas companies: A petrochemical engineer can work in a oil and gas company, there are many oil companies in Nigeria who pay their workers a substantial amount of money for their services, some of this companies includes: shell, total, Adax petroleum, statoil etc.

Computer Science/IT Courses

We live in a digital world hence the computer/IT world is one of the most active market in the world, almost everybody owns a computer or a smartphone hence venturing into this field will fetch you a substantial amount of money. The courses under IT are computer science, computer engineering, cyber security, animation web development and programming etc. An IT graduate can also work in different organizations because their services is needed in almost every organization, an IT or computer scientist can work in the bank, manufacturing company, schools and other established companies.

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Career Opportunities In Computer Science

  • IT Companies: There are many IT companies in Nigeria who needs the job of a computer scientist, most of this companies are affiliated to banks and other organizations.
  • Banks: A bank needs IT professionals who will build softwares to track the activities and transactions carried out by the bank and the customers. Banks are willing to pay a huge amount of money to keep everything in place hence studying an IT related course would give you a chance of getting a  job there.
  • Schools: Many tertiary institutions are willing to pay computer scientists so they can have an accurate account of the details of their  students so that they can have an accurate result to save the school from lose.


MLS is an acronym for medical laboratory science. Nursing and MLS are also one of the most lucrative courses in Nigeria, the both belong to the health sector.

A nurse assist the doctors in a hospital while the lab scientist carry out tests on the patient. Even though the both careers don’t have the same function, the are still related. A lab scientist works mainly in the lab, their just is to diagnose patient and bring out a test result. In other words, the give the nurses and doctors a heads up on what could be wrong with the patient. A nurse on thr other hand takes care of patients, the work of a nurse ranges from midwifery, pediatric, operation room etcetera.

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A Nurse

Job Opportunities In Nursing And MLS

  • Hospitals: A hospital is the major place where a nurse and a lab scientist can work, the hospital is divided into many important segments hence the need for nurses and medical lab scientists cannot be over emphasized.
  • Research Centers: Research centers are place where experiments are been taken. Despite the fact that the job of a nurse isn’t really needed here, a lab scientist is one of the major brain needed in a research centers. There are many research centers and institutes who make new researches everyday, new research companies are also been commissioned regularly hence there are vacancies medical laboratory science graduates.

Final Thoughts On The Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria

Note that every course is lucrative and there is room for every career, the only thing is that some courses have an edge over others which is why we wrote the list of the highest paying courses in Nigeria. Please drop a comment if you need more lights on this topic.

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