How To Apply For PalmCredit Loan – PalmCredit Review

PalmCredit is an online loan in Nigeria that has been in service for a while now. Due to the many online loan apps we have now, getting to know the genuine one is hard due to the fact that the shabby ones are much more than the legit loan apps. That’s why I have made my research about the PalmCredit loan app to save you from the stress of going out to make the findings for yourself.

On this PalmCredit review you’d get answers to “is PalmCredit genuine?” and other questions you may have about this loan app. Okay, let’s stop beating about the bush and go straight to what brought us here.

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About PalmCredit

This review wouldn’t be complete without me giving you a brief explanation what PalmCredit is all about.

PalmCredit is an online loan app that gives you the access to get loan at the comfort of your own without requiring a single collateral.

One of the reason why PalmCredit stands out is because of their flexible policies as the interest they put on their loans are little compared to other online lending platforms. Although PalmCredit is a short term loan which may be one of the negative part of the loan app.

Is PalmCredit a Scam?

Now let’s head back to our main concern, which is; is PalmCredit genuine? Okay, let us find out!

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PalmCredit claims to give loan worth up to N100,000 which is massive. Even physical lenders don’t give up to that amount. As I was making this research I asked a lot of people about palmcredit and most of the reviews were positive although some people were furious claiming that they were not given the loan because they aren’t eligible which made them label it a scam but that isn’t enough reasons for you to tag am lending platform a scam because even the banks don’t give out to ineligible clients hence this doesn’t mean the banks scam it only means you may not be able to pay back the amount of loan you’re requesting for or you don’t meet up with the terms of the banks hence I wouldn’t label palmcredit a scam.

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Palmcredit Review

I wouldn’t like to make this review personal that’s why I headed over to playstore to check the review of others about the Palmcredit app and looking at the picture below you can see that the 5 star review is much more than the other reviews which is a very positive review due to the fact that there must be some playstore users who always find a fault in every app.


From what I’m seeing, palmcredit credit is Legit but let’s go further we haven’t gotten to our final verdict yet.

How To Apply For Palmcredit loan

Even though we haven’t declared if palmcredit is legit I deemed it fit for us to have a little walk on how you can get a loan from palmcredit.

  • Download The PalmCredit App: You can’t request for a loan from palmcredit without install the you can install the Palmcredit app from playstore.
  • Fill In Your Details: The second step after installing the app is to fill in your details for registration. This details include your name, address, work, date of birth, guarantors, monthly income and other informations. This details are collected so that the lender will know the best loan appropriate for you.
  • Apply for the loan: After filling your details, you can now apply for the loan. Mind you, you may not be given your desired amount due to so many factors.
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Final Verdict

It’s now time for us to know if palmcredit actually gives out loans. After my findings, I found out palmcredit is legit and have given loans to thousand of Nigerians.

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