How To Start A Perfume Business In Nigeria (Full Guide)

Through the paths of entrepreneurship in Nigeria, gaining a skill becomes one of its starting point as selling consumable/commodities such as perfumes, cosmetics can be a lucrative business one can venture into.

In this guide, I will be showing you how to start a perfume Business in Nigeria and as a tip, I will be showing you how to make perfumes.

Starting up a business in Nigeria is a careful task for everyone as any minor details overlooked might hunt your business later on.

Before you think of starting up a business, the first question you should ask yourself should be; “Which trend is widely sort after in the market”.

There are major lines of business that remain viable in and out of season. This is because these line of business are mandatorily required in the everyday activity of every Nigerian.

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The pandemic which hit the globe has broadened the scope of individuals that some businesses remain of huge importance irrespective of any circumstance an economy may face.
These include;

  1. Food and Consumable Items.
  2. Fashion and Clothings
  3. Health
  4. Communication
  5. Finance

These five sectors remain the most sought after business line in Nigeria.

Focusing in the fashion and Clothing line, I will be giving you guidelines on how to set a career in this.

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Remember in your path to entrepreneurship, it is not mandatory you start ‘huge’. Every little step of consistency is a stroke at the mark.

Perfume has remained a major body and cloth care item that is always on high demand hence starting a perfume business will be one of the best trade you can get involved in.

It wouldn’t be wrong if I tag this business a get-rich-quick scheme. In every home, there are always bottles of perfume used and to be used.

There are two major ways of starting your Perfume business.
These includes;

  • Buying and Reselling Perfume products for different brands.
  • Owning and Producing your own brand.

Buying and Reselling Perfume products for different brands

This is more like the normal trader’s start up line. In this scenario, you are a Perfume marketer. You purchase different perfume products from a wide range of producers and existing brand and you resell them.

Your profit will be calculated after subtracting your selling price from the cost price, the gain left is your stipend to rejoice with.

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In this line of business, you will be expected to point out brands that are favourable for customers and also grwnt them the ability to purchase them at a fair price. This is so that, even after resell, you will be smiling from your proceeds.

Owning and Producing your own brand

This is the second pathway in your walk through entrepreneurship. But in this line, you are not just a perfume vendor but a perfume producer.

You get to own your brand, determine the quality, scent and fragrance, its cost price and push into the market.

However, this will need some extra work from you as you will need to perfectly craft out your perfume to have your distinct scent, as distinction makes your brand peculiar from any other.

With this known, whichever way you choose to start up your perfume business, there are things you should consider before starting up.


Whether you choose to be a vendor or a producer, your startup capital is a major factor to be considered.

You will need to map out how much it will cost you to get a location to site your business, costs of maintaining your business in its first year of growth, cost to purchase license from the government and any other miscellaneous expenditure that may arise.

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This can only be done perfectly if you work with a business plan.

Have a business plan

You will need to strategically map out plans for your startup business in the lane you choose it to go.

This careful analysis will cut across every facet of its structure, but you must remember to keep it flexible and liable to changes.

From buying bottles for producers, to where to locate your shop, down to how to set your price, you must carefully plan ahead of meeting potential customers and how to relate with them.

Draft Out Your Marketing Strategy(ies)

You can’t succeed without having a success plan. Having a shop and paying its rent is not all it takes to set up sales. To have the magical bloom you are expecting, you need to acquire marketing skills.

You can easily do this by gaining knowledge on marketing through google free lectures on learn digital skills with Google.

Marketing will help you advance to selling your products on your social media handle, owning a website or preferably owning an e-store.

Register your brand

This entails choosing a name for your perfume line, have a logo and move up to corporate affairs commission to officially register your firm as a business.
This grants you legal ownership of firm and hinder lifting and duplicate of your brand against its imitations.

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How To Make Perfume

As I promised earlier to give you a free tip on how to produce.
This contains a DIY procedures on how to produce your unique perfume

Things You Need In Making A Perfume

  1. Vodka
  2. Infused oil
  3. Flavour
  4. Spices
  5. Sodium nitrite
  6. Resins
  7. Base oil
  8. Assorted roots
  9. Perfume oil
  10. Filter
  11. Distilled water

Okay, above are the basic ingredients you need to produce your perfume and kick-start your perfume selling business. I assure you that the process isn’t difficult and I’ll try to make it as simple and concise as possible ­čśë

  • Step 1: Get a bottle or a bowl and pour the base oil it.
  • Step 2: After pouring the base oil, put in a little amount of essential oil into the bowl. There are different types of essential oil, I’m giving you the liberty to choose whichever you prefer.
  • Step 3:Add vodka which serves as alcohol to the mixture of essential oil and base.
  • Step 4: Stir the mixture of base oil, essential oil and vodka evenly.
  • Step 5:┬áAfter mixing it, allow the solution to settle for about 72 hours (3 days).
  • Step 6:┬áAfter allowing it to settle, add distilled water to the solution and shake it properly for it to mix.
  • Step 7:┬áKeep the perfume away from light for about 3 weeks, it is advice able to put the pefume in a very dark room which has no access to any form of light.
  • Step 8:┬áAfter keeping the perfume away from light, use a filter paper to take out every sediment from the solution.
  • Step 9:┬áPackage your perfume in a container, you can choose to have the name of your brand labeled on a sticker for awareness.
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That’s it fam, you have successfully made your homemade perfume, it’s time to sell and make profits.

Final Thought

After reading this article i hope you’ve found all your questions on how to start a perfume business. What are you waiting for? Make your preparations and start making sales.

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