How To Start A Poultry Farm Business In Nigeria

Today, I am going to give you a detailed guide on how to start a poultry farm in Nigeria.

Poultry farming is one of the best business you can get involved with in Nigeria.
It is the rearing of birds (turkey, duck, pigeons, goose, fowls, etc.) for commercial or personal consumption.

Poultry farming is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria because there is a high demand for eggs and meat of poultry products. And in Nigeria, people prefer eating meats from birds rather than red meats from cows, goats etc.
Below are the steps for you to start a successful poultry farm in Nigeria

Learn How It Works

Going into a business without knowing how it actually works is like going on a journey without a destination.

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For you to make money from poultry farm business you have to know how it works, that is the pros and cons of the business. Starting a poultry farm without having a proper knowledge on poultry farming will lead to fruitless effort and you will find out you wasted a lot of money and effort without getting a tangible result.

That is why I have set out this guide for you so that you won’t be lost in your quest to know what you need before starting a poultry farm in Nigeria.

Find A Suitable Location For The Farm

The location of the farm is a paramount factor you need to consider before starting a poultry farm in Nigeria such as access to roads, nearness to your potential buyers, neat and clean environment, make sure it has adequate power and water supply. Starting your farm in a dirty environment may lead to illness of the bird.

Setup A Farm Structure

The structure of the building and pens you keep the bird in can affect the bird in a positive or negative way.
Leaving the birds to roam about freely is a bad practice and is highly not recommended.

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One of the best mode of housing the birds is keeping them in a building filled with sawdust, ensure that the birds move freely within the building.

Another preferred mode of housing the birds is by building cages for them.
If you are rearing more than one type of birds make sure you build a separate cage for each group of the birds and make sure there is enough ventilation for the birds.

Also make sure the birds are free from predators like rodents, foxes or cats.

Get Qualified Workers For The Farm

Two good heads are better than one. Hence, getting a group of people who are knowledgeable in the field is a very good idea especially when you are rearing more than 400 birds.

Trying to do everything yourself won’t really work out because of the stress of rearing a large number of birds. Hence you need division of labor and this can only be possible if you hire a person who is familiar with how poultry farming works.

Know The Birds/Species You Would Want To Rear

Having a particular type or specie of bird you want to rear will give you a professional business approach from your clients and buyer and it will also give you a better understanding about the behavior and traits of the birds. You could decide to rear fowls, ducks or turkey.

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Each has its pros and cons so you have to be careful in choosing the type of bird you want to rear. Most people tend to rear fowls (broilers and layers) because of its high demand while others prefer turkeys because of its large amount of meat and the flexibility of rearing it.

Get Healthy Birds From A Reputable Hatchery

After deciding on the type of birds you would want to rear, getting a suitable hatchery for your chicks is the best factor you need to consider before starting your poultry farm.
Before buying birds from a hatchery make sure you ask a lot of questions about their services, know the breed of birds the sale. Making a mistake of not buying the right bird might probably lead to failure.

Provision Of Feeds And Water

Just like a fish farm, getting quality feeds for your birds is very important.
You can find many types of feeds in the market but getting to know the one that fits your birds and sticking to it would be of great help to you.

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Giving your birds the feeds that doesn’t fit in with their system may slow down the process of their growth. Hence you have to be careful of the products you feed your birds.

Also make sure you give them a very neat water, giving your birds contaminated water can lead to illness of the bird.

Know The Medical Need Of The Birds

Vaccinating your birds can prevent many diseases from invading them. I’ll advise you to hire a veterinary doctor who will be checking up on your birds frequently.

Birds like fowls have a higher chance of getting infected with diseases hence you have to treat them with proper care. The first few vaccines given to day-old chicks are very important, please don’t neglect it for any reason.

Know The Amount You Need To Start A Poultry Farm In Nigeria

The capital you need in starting a poultry farm business in Nigeria varies as it depends on your location, the type of bird you want to rear, the species, the tools and equipments you need and the amounts of birds you intend to rear. Hence you can’t be given a fixed amount of money you need before starting a poultry farm.

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Get A Good Marketing Strategy For The Sales Of Your Poultry Produce

Setting up strategies on how you want to sell your birds is a very good idea. Make sure you set out ideas that you think would never come to the mind of other farmers.

You can try to create awareness of your poultry produce by advertising your products on billboards, radio stations, newspapers and even on television stations.

Another way of creating awareness for your produce is by marketing your poultry produce to companies and organizations like Mr Biggs, Hotels, restaurants, catering companies, crunchies, fast food etc.

Conclusion On How To Start A Poultry Farm

With the above guide on how to start a poultry farm business in Nigeria I believe you can start a poultry farm without any fear.

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