How To Subscribe DSTV Or Gotv Using A Mobile Phone

This article will offer you a step by step easy guide to subscribing your Gotv and DStv using a mobile phone.

With the world going all digital, you don’t need to stress yourself by taking a walk to any dealers office, when you can get your needs fulfilled with just some clicks and dials on your phone.

You just have to choose which amongst these procedures works best for you.

DStv and Gotv are owned and operated by Multichoice as the most outstanding popular digital services in Nigeria. This proves that whatever procedure you will be offered here works for the two decoders and platforms.

List Of Gotv Packages

It will be beautiful to give you a rundown of Gotv subscription packages and their prices.

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As of the time of writing this, Gotv runs amazing subscription packages which are as follows.

Gotv Max

Gotv Max is an all access combo package. It grants you unlimited access to 91 channels. This gives you the opportunity to gift yourself a variety of entertainment,movie, lifestyle,sports or weather updates.

Gotv Max comes with the subscription of N3,280 monthly.

Gotv Jolli

This is an entertainment package that is pocket friendly. Gotv Jolli grants you an affordable access to 69+ channels at a flexible payment plan to keep you entertained and thrilled at a cost effective price.

This package comes with a subscription plan of 2,460 naira monthly.

Gotv Jinja

This is a mini cut out plan with a wide stream of entertainment option at a more cheaper price. Gotv Jinja gives you a viewing access across 51+ channels, which you don’t have to scratch a hair to pay for.

This package come with a payment plan of 1,640 monthly.

Gotv Lite

Here comes the cheapest package you might be looking for. Gotv Lite has been nicknamed “the students pack” by most Nigerians as it gives attractive channels to view at a very cheap rate.

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Gotv Lite grants you access through 35 channels at a fair price of N410 subscription fee.

List Of DSTV Bouquets

DStv Premium

On this package, you have an amazing access through 175+ TV channels and 52 audio channels, with HD viewing. These channels cut across local and international platforms, giving you world scenes at your comfort zone.

DStv Premium comes with a subscription plan of N16,200 monthly.

DStv Compact Plus

With DStv Compact Plus, you have no worries with UEFA Champion league and Premier League matches. You get over 150 TV channels, 52 audio channels at a fair price of N10,725 per month.

DStv Compact

This package guarantees you an unavoidable viewing access of 135 TV channels, 52 audio channels at a monthly subscription plan of N6975.

DStv Confam

This can be described as the family package. It gives you and your family 120+ channels, with a variety of Kids and family entertainment, African magic and much more interesting family shows.

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This comes at a price of N4615.

DStv Yanga

With the bouquet you have access to our 109 channels, with HD channels which includes Telemundo and Zee world. This is all for a subscription price of N2,565 monthly.

DStv Padi

This is a mini DStv subscription plan. You will have access to 40+ channels at an affordable price of N1,850.

How to Subscribe DStv/Gotv Using Phone

Using USSD CODE(eTranzact)

You can easily pay for your Gotv/DStv subscription by just dialing *389*9*SmartCardnumber#. You need to follow the prompts to successfully complete the transaction. This procedure does not require any internet access nor huge extra charges on your phone.

Using Online Payment Option

With an internet access, you can pay or renew your subscription plan at ease. This is made possible by making your payments online through options offered by online service providers.

These providers include Quickteller, Jumiapay(JumiaOne), Kongapay, Paga, eTranzact, PayU.

You just have to visit the website to any service provider of your choice. Create a User account, proceed to the pay bills option. The charges will be deducted from your account using your Atm Card details after your smart card number for your DStv and IUC number for Gotv.

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Using A Mobile Banking App

Virtually, every bank in Nigeria has an option where you can pay for your Gotv/DStv subscription. This option is also available on their apps as you won’t necessarily need to walk to the bank to get your bills paid.

Proceed to playstore and download your banking app, as every bank is unique to its app. Create an account using your already existing bank details, proceed to the “pay bills” or Bills Section on the app. On this section, you can see options for Cable TV payment ranging through different subscription packages. You choose the cable service you are paying for; DStv or Gotv. With your decoder details, you can purchase whichever plan you want.

Self Service

Multichoice makes it more easier for customers by providing electronic platform where you can pay your bills at your comfort. This platform is called “Eazy Self Service”.

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With Eazy Self Service you are not only permitted to pay your subscription bills, but you can also log complaints and clean error codes, upgrade your subscription or pay for someone else. All you need is your IUC number or that of the person you wish to pay for, and the transaction will be carried out

It will be nice you know that Gotv and DStv have different Eazy Self Service platforms. You should be careful to note which you are making payments to.

Final Thought

You can now see that subscribing your Gotv and DSTV decoder haven’t been this easier, i hope you can subscribe your DSTV or Gotv cable using your phone.

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