Joshua Iginla Biography, Age, Early Life, Wife And State Of Origin

Joshua Iginla is a Nigerian pastor and televangelist, prophet and teacher. He is the founder of Champions Royal Assembly, one of the most successful church in Nigeria which has its headquarters at Plot 1133/1134 Chikakore, Kubwa, Abuja.

Pastor Joshua Iginla has accumulated immense wealth over the years, going through Joshua Iginla biography, you’d find out that he came from a poor background.

Biography Of Joshua Iginla

Joshua Iginla was born on 21 May, 1969 from a Muslim parent in Ado-Ekiti, he said he was attracted to Christianity in his early days at school. After converting to Christianity, he said he faced rejection from his family especially his dad but he refused to turn back from his newly found faith, Joshua said he lived in poverty after accepting Christianity but he didn’t relent. “Due to the poverty i experienced, i knows the taste of all ijebu garri” he fondly said to show the depth of what he faced.
His ministry started after healing a man with the issue of blood, it is believed that he got support from the man he healed which changed his life.

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Joshua Iginla Ministry

Joshua Iginla started Champions Royal Assembly, champions has one of the biggest auditorium with a large number of audience on their television channel called Champions Tv.

He was a member of Evangelical Ministry (OPEM) before starting his own ministry.

Joshua Iginla Mentor And Spiritual Father

He served under pastor Rev. Joseph Yusuf Haruna in Buari Abuja. He said he started recieving instructions from God concerning raising an army of champions. He started his ministry with the money given to him by his father in the lord.

Joshua Iginla Wife

Joshua Iginla divorce his wife Yemisi Iginla due to infidelity in 2019. They had three children before the break up. He announced their decision during a service in March 2019.

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Joshua Iginla Prophecies And Predictions

Joshua Iginla has had many fulfilled prophecies. Apart from the prophecies he usually give his member during the normal services, there are other predictions in which Joshua Iginla has said.

In March 9, 2014, Joshua Iginla predicated that the former president of Nigeria, Mr Obasanjo would quit PDP. He also predicted that there would be a bomb attack in INEC office. Joshua Iginla also predicted the winner of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, he also predicted the impeachment of former Adamawa state governor, Boko Haram attack in Cameroon, Ebola Virus and also the fire outbreak that happened in Lagos State in 2015.

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Joshua Iginla Net Worth

Joshua Iginla is currently one of the most richest, successful and influential pastor in Nigeria. He acquired a private jet in Nigeria and has also shown generosity by giving out to the less privileged, he is considered to be a philanthropist. He is believed to be worth $5 Million.

Joshua Iginla Messages

Below are some of Joshua Iginla messages:

  • Supernatural Speed
  • The mystery of darkness
  • The power of prayer
  • The danger of jealousy
  • Alter for alter

And a whole lot of others, this is the end of this article on the biography of Joshua Iginla, wife of Joshua Iginla and also his ministry.

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