List Of School Of Nursing In Nigeria And Their Location

Nursing, is a career path that involves the accurate diagnosis of patients, care of the sick, and overall address to the mental, health, psychological which may include the social needs of the patients and the society

Nurses are generally placed with the responsibility of ministering to available patients and making sure that the health status quo of a society is maintained.

This huge responsibility has made in mandatory that a nurse must go through rigorous training to prepare them for the task ahead.

This training broadens through the physical state of the intending nurse, mental capacity, strengths and weaknesses, behavioural pattern and mostly importantly, ethics and practices of the nursing society.

Nursing has turned to be one of the most sought after career choices among school leavers, as the health industry becomes the most lucrative business in Nigeria. Apart from the fact that there are huge job opportunities for any Nurse graduate, but this course study places them on a high scale of professionalism aw pertaining to health which even the average nurse can own an enterprise as a parent medicine dealer.

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According to Jamb Statistics, out of 1.9 million candidates that registered for Jamb, Nursing ranks among the top 6 most sought after course ever.

The reason for this rush cannot be far-fetched as the rate of health casualties keeps increasing in the nation, with untreated ailments scattered far and wide.

Statistics on the health status is another reason why the call into nursing will remain loud and dire. The Life expectancy of an average Nigerian at birth hangs at 55/56 years(2016 statistics), Probability of dying below age five, 120 per 1000 live births(Statistics 2018), the Probability of dying between ages 15 and 60 years hangs at 372-333 per 1000 Nigerians (Statistics 2016).

respect to this huge call into nursing, many schools in Nigeria offer nursing as a course. Some schools offer this course as a part of their available courses while there are some schools specially set out for this study.

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I will be giving you guides through some of the best nursing Schools in Nigeria and their tuition fees.

List of Nursing Schools in Nigeria

School of Nursing, University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH)

Contact UBTH

Phone: +234 814 777 2992

Email: [email protected]


P.M.B 1111 Ugbowo Lagos Road, Benin City, Nigeria

The UBTH school of nursing is one of the most popular nursing schools in Nigeria with a three year General Nursing Programme which offers prospective nurses the award of Registered Nurse Certificate (RN).  This institution is known for its expertise in nurse training and study with a huge benefit of being one of the cheapest nursing schools in Nigeria with the tuition fee of N85,000 naira per session as this fees can also be paid in installments.

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University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital


[email protected]

Head of Unit/Chief Nodal Officer

Cyril .Y Keleze

[email protected]

UNN school of nursing remains one of the oldest nursing schools in Nigeria, with high standards of learning and educational equipment for nurses training.

UNN school of nursing offers a five year programme for Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

The school fees remain affordable and way accessible for prospective candidates.

1st Year: N64,450

2nd Year: 45,750

3rd Year: 40,650

4th Year: 40,200

School of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)


Ishaga Rd, Idi-Araba, Lagos

0807 059 1395

School of Nursing Luth, with almost 60 years of existence and functionality has always managed to maintain its place as one of the best nursing schools in Nigeria.

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With it’s drive for excellence backed up intensive researches and practicals, engaging teaching staff, and a we’ll equipped e-library, the school boasts of having great contribution to the growth and stability of health practice in Nigeria.

Several awards to their credit, competitions won both on local and international grounds, School of Nursing Luth remains a citadel of knowledge, building the core values and ethics of the nursing society.

They promote a research friendly environment that engages staff and student in critical thinking as well as finding scientific solutions to nursing and clinical problems, thereby ensuring evidence based practice and advancing the science of Nursing.

Their tuition fee is pegs at the price of  145,000-180,000 naira for freshers.

ECWA School Of Nursing Egbe

ECWA school of nursing is a privately owned University in Egbe Kogi state, it was found by Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) in 1955. It has a standard teaching hospital and a conducive environment for learning, the ECWA school of nursing is a private school hence the tutor fee is a little bit on the high side.

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[email protected]


1 ECWA Hospital Road,
Egbe. Kogi State. Nigeria

College of Nursing and Midwifery, Dept. of Nursing, Yola

The college of nursing and midwifery Yola offers a wide range of tutoring ranging from nursing to midwifery. It is located in Adamawa state in Northern Nigeria, the school fees is affordable and it has a conducive environment for learning. The school of midwifery put their student through every basic teaching they need to be able to take care of a pregnant woman and also to deliver the baby safely.

Wuro Hausa, Yola

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