List Of Youth Empowerment Programmes In Nigeria 2021

With the economy of Nigeria dwindling everyday, clusters for employment in the labour market with lots of youths and undergraduate left unemployed, empowerment programmes become a safe route out of the challenges we are facing in the nation.

Nigeria has an enormous population of 195.9 million as of 2018, with 33,652,425 of this population comprising of youths, ranging between ages 18-29. Nigeria’s budget for 2020 is $378 billion, with N 171,061,527,148 allocated to the ministry of youth and sports Development as of 2019.

Nigeria’s GDP is projected to reach $420 billion by the end of 2020, placing Nigeria as the 27th growing economy in the world. Yet, according to world bank reports, 7.4% of Nigeria’s population are plunged into poverty.

With this statistics, it shows that the survival of every youth seems to be on his hands. Your inability to find some legal ways to earn can plunge you into illegal acts, increasing the rate of criminal activities in the nation.

Government and individuals (Entrepreneurs and Corporate bodies) have bring up means to assist the youth through empowerment schemes. That’s why i have written this list of youth empowerment programmes in Nigeria.

These schemes are laid out as a backup/support for any youth who wishes to set up his or her own enterprise.

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Presidential Youth Entrepreneurship Support (P-YES)

The P-Yes programme is an initiative that was set up to address unemployment and support entrepreneurship and business among the youth.

This programme is carried out by the Bank of Industry in collaboration with the minister of youth and student affairs.

Through this programme, you start the opportunity to be trained and awarded loans to start up small and medium scale business.

P-Yes places an age limit to participants as they must be between the age of 18-35. All you need to access this offer is a valid means of Identification, an official endorsement from your local amongst other things.


N-Power is a youth empowerment scheme which addresses issues of youthful unemployment by providing a structure for skill set acquisition and Development, so that these youth getBes to work and earn.

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N-Power began in 2015 under the direction of the national social investment office in the administration of Mohammed Buhari.

It was created to ensure an equitable distribution of resources to vulnerable populations, including children, youth and women.

It provides beneficiaries with a job training and education and a monthly stipend of 30,000 naira.

N-Power is divided into two categories. The N-Power Graduate category and N-Power Non-Graduate Category.

N-Power Graduate category includes programmes like the N-Power teach, Agro, health and tax. N-Power non graduate programme include N-Power knowledge and build.The programe is splitted this way to accomodate, gradiators and non-gradiaters

Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria (Youwin)

Youwin is a youth empowerment/Development scheme founded and established by the Goodluck Jonathan led government in 2011. This scheme geared to empower Nigeria youths by financing outstanding business plans and supporting aspiring dreams of entrepreneurs.

Empowerment from Youwin comes in form of grants. The beneficiary must have a business plans for a registered company with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria.

Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Program

TEF Entrepreneurship Program is a privately owned empowerment programme of one of Nigeria’s richest entrepreneurs.

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Tony elumelu, net worth $700 million, set up this multicycle empowerment scheme to grant all African young potential entrepreneurs the opportunity to possess business ideas.

Aside enhancing business ideas, selected Entrepreneurs who participated in the scheme receive a seed fund of about $5000 (approx. 1.8 million naira).

Benefiting from an empowerment programme is not actually where the problem lies, the issue and fear of investors has always been, if you will stick to your promise and use the funds for what it was given out.

Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI)

YEDI is another youth empowerment programme for Nigerian youths, it was established in 2011.
YEDI is affiliated with CSI+, a consultation service provider, CSI+ provides consultation services to international  and corporate organizations on social investments.
Youth empowerment and development initiative uses sport as an avenue to empower the youths, they recruit sport enthusiasts between the age of 10-24  for their empowerment programme.

Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS)

As the name implies, this programme is for graduates who are finding it difficult to secure a job after graduating from the high institution. Founded in 2012 and fully funded by the Federal government, GIS empowers 50,000 Nigerian graduates annually. The empowerment programme has three sole aim which is to empower youths, provide a bright future for the youths and to build up manpower for Nigeria.

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Eligible youths get a monthly stipend and go through an internship program and mentorship.

Young Entrepreneurs Of Nigeria

This is one of the most popular youth empowerment programme in Nigeria because it has stood the test of time. The YEN empowerment conducts an annual summit called the Youth Empowerment Summit (YES) with the aim of  bringing together different entrepreneurs in the whole of Nigeria to discuss the challenges young entrepreneurs face and bring up measures on curbing the problems.

The young entrepreneurs of Nigeria initiative empowers youths using different measures such as business training and capacity building.


This is another empowerment scheme sponsored by the Federal government. Unlike other empowerment programmes, TraderMoni offers an interest free loan to 5 million aspiring entrepreneurs in Nigeria to start up a business, this is an empowerment because you don’t need a collateral before getting a loan and you also don’t have to worry about the interest rate because this scheme isn’t done out of a profit-base intention.

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Diamond–Crest for Youth Education Foundation

This foundation has taken it upon themselves to see that Nigerian youths get the education the need hence the empower eligible youths to get formal and basic education by sponsoring them into a descent school. This foundation also organizes seminars and talk shows, the also an annual academic competition with the scholarship grands as the prize.

Youth Initiative For Sustainable Agriculture In Nigeria (YISA)

Agriculture is one of the most lucrative business an entrepreneur can involved in, the YISA empowerment is an avenue to encourage youths to go into agricultural production as a business, YISA empowers youths in this field by providing them with the basic necessities they need to start up a business wired to agricultural produce.

Final Thought On Youth Empowerment Programmes

I believe you’ve found a suitable scheme from the above list of youth empowerment programmes in Nigeria. Feel free to drop a comment for more clarification.

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