Popcaan Net Worth 2020

Let’s show you a quick breakdown of Popcaan’s net worth in 2020 and even 2021 to give you an insight into the riches of this Jamaican singer.

There’s also a great deal of info on this page on who Popcaan is, how he makes his money, how he attained fame, and even the luxurious cars he owns.

Popcaan’s net worth in 2020 was $2 million.

We’ve also taken the time to shed light on his family and relationship to give you a better idea about this celebrity.

This means that if you’re his fan or you’ve seen him collaborate with Nigerian Singers like Davido, it’s time to know more about him.

So let’s dive right into it!

Who is Popcaan?

For the uninitiated, Popcaan is a Jamaican DJ and singer whose real name is Andre Hugh Sutherland.

The famous singer was born on July 19, 1988, which makes him 33 years old.

He grew up in Greater Portmore, Saint Catherine Parish, and was raised in Portmore in Jamaica.

It’s worth noting that the genre of music this artist sings is called Dancehall, a piece of popular Jamaican music in Kingston.

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Popcaan has released international hit songs such as the song “Clarks”, an ode to the popular shoe brand.

Other international hits he’s made include “Only Man She Want” (2011), “Everything Nice” (2014), “Ova Dweet” (2016), “El Chapo” (2017), and “Family” (2017).

When it comes to his singing career, Popcaan signed with Mixpak Records in 2014 where he released debut studio album, ‘Where We Come From.’

The second album Popcaan released is ‘Forever’ and it was launched on July 20, 2018.

Interestingly, the singer has also tested the acting scene given that he featured in the movie The Intent 2: The Come Up (2018).

Is Popcaan Signed to OVO?

Yes, Popcaan is signed to OVO.

In 2016 he signed with OVO Sound, a record label owned by Drake and based in Toronto, Canada.

The record label is a subsidiary of Warner Music Group’s Warner Records.

How Much is Popcaan Net Worth?

Popcaan’s net worth in 2020 was $2 million.

The singer’s net worth in 2021 is $3 million and the equivalent in Nigerian naira is 1 billion.

A comparison between Popcaan’s 2020 and 2021 net worth shows the value has grown almost half the previous value.

How Much is Vybz Kartel’s Net Worth in 2019?

If you’re wondering what Vybz Kartel net worth was in 2019, 2020, and even that of the current year, we’ll give you a hint.

Vybz Kartel’s net worth in 2019 was $1 million dollars.

However, the artist’s net worth in 2021 is $5 million dollars.

Comparing the current value to that of Popcaan’s, you’ll agree that it is significantly higher.

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On the other hand, Popcaan’s success story can also be tied to Vybz Kartel who is his role model.

While attending a party in 2007, Vybz Kartel asked Popcaan to be a part of his musical band called Portmore Empire.

It was in Portmore Empire the Jamaican artist grew his singing skills and developed a foundation for his music career.

Popcaan Net Worth Vs. Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale is a popular Ghanian singer who has made a name for himself.

It’s worth comparing his net worth with that of Popcaan’s given that Shatta sings DanceHall music just like Popcaan.

Shatta Wale has even been called the DanceHall king due to the great songs he has laid on tape.

So, how rich is Shatta Wale? The singer has a net worth of $11 million.

Unarguably, this amount is higher than Popcaan’s worth.

Popcaan Best Songs 2021

Popcaan has collaborated with several popular musicians around the world who appreciate his talent.

Some of these musicians include Drake, Gorillaz, Pusha T, Giggs, Jamie xx, Matoma, Wale,  and Davido.

Some of Popcaan best songs in 2021 are: Silence, Everything nice, Firm and strong, Family
Risky, and Ova dweet.

Other great songs from the singer include Wine for me, Party shot, My type, Addicted, Numbers don’t lie, Only man she want, and Mamakita.

These songs have won Popcaan some awards. He received the Excellence in Music and Entertainment Award in the category Best New Artist.

He has also received recogntion in theree different categories by the ‘Youth View Award.’

Popcaan’s Relationship

Reports reveal that Popcaan is married to Kavel Keir, who he began dating in 2015.

The couple do not have kids at the time of this publication.

What’s more, the singer had interest to be a policeman before delving into music.

He revealed that his intention to fight crime was due to the loss of his childhood friends to drugs or murder.

He also stuggled with his studies as a result to the unfriendly environment.

Popcaan’s Cars

Popcaan’s cars are quite luxurios thanks to their expensive price tag.

Some cars in his collection include: Range Rover Velar, which he purchased on his 31st birthday.

There’s also the Range Rover Evoque Convertible he bought in 2016.

In January 2020, Popcan also purchased a $5.5 million mansion in Ghana, which is a whooping sum to spend on a house.


You’ve got Popcaan’s net worth at your finger tips and you can compare ith side-by-side with some of the richest dancehall artist in jamaica.

An example is Shatta Wale.

On the other hand, it’s interesting to note Popcaan’s delve into music after his intial decision to become a policeman.

It seems his love for music was greater for the need to serve and it did pay off in the end given how well he’s grown in fame and wealth.