Should House Owners Buy Flood Insurance?

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When my uncle bought his property, the lender informed him that because we were not in a flood zone, he did not need to get flood insurance in addition to our homeowner’s insurance policy. This allowed us to save quite a bit of money. I reasoned that if the bank isn’t concerned about it, neither should I be, so why should I worry? It would appear that this is not the most brilliant plan.

Should House Owners Buy Flood Insurance?

Nearly Every House is in Risk of Flooding.

It doesn’t matter where you live, as long as it’s not on the highest point of a mountain, you’re at risk of floods. When it rains heavily, rivers might appear overnight where there was not even a trickle of water before.

After the earth has been wet for some time, all that is needed is for a significant storm to pass through the area. You might also try asking some people who were there when Hurricane Katrina struck for their perspective. Dams and levees both break down. Even a few centimeters, or a few inches, of water can cause damage that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

In point of fact, low and moderate risk locations are responsible for 25% of all flood insurance claims (areas not required to have insurance by lenders). Examine the flood map for your area right here.

Where Can I Get Insurance Against Flooding?

Insurance coverage for homeowners do not pay out for damages caused by flooding. You are required to purchase it independently through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which the government of the United States of America manages and supports financially. On the other hand, almost everybody, regardless of their level of risk, is qualified to get flood insurance (although the premiums will vary).

Insurance agencies and private insurance companies are the two main sources for purchasing these plans. You can locate agents here who will provide you with a free estimate.

There are insurance providers who provide the impression that they can provide price quotes at a discount; nevertheless, this is not the case. It shouldn’t matter who you go through to get the price; they should all be the same.

I actually put this to the test by requesting estimates from five different agents, some of whom were local and some of whom were nationwide.

Once the prices were adjusted for the same coverage and deductible, however, they were all the same. As a result, if I were in your position, the first thing I would do is contact the house insurance provider that I already use.

What is the Flood Insurance Price Going to Be?

If your mortgage lender didn’t require you to purchase it, then there is a good chance that your monthly premiums won’t be too expensive.

Your flood risk and insurance premium can both be estimated on this page. Keep in mind that you have certain options to choose from, like the amount of coverage for your structure (up to $250,000), the amount of coverage for your belongings (up to $100,000), and the deductibles for each (ranging from $500 to $50,000).

You might receive coverage for between $200 and $500 per year if you live in a region with a moderate to low risk of natural disasters.

Do not fool yourself into thinking that you can buy the policy at the eleventh hour because, with very few exceptions, there is a waiting period of thirty days before it goes into effect.

Renters who are interested in purchasing flood insurance to protect their belongings can do so even if they do not own their own property.

Therefore, it would appear that practically all homeowners, even those who are not required to have it, should at the very least consider purchasing flood insurance. It won’t hurt to acquire a few estimates and do some study on the flood risk you face.

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