Sydney Talker Biography; Net Worth, Age And Career

Sydney Talker is a Nigerian comedian, he came into limelight 2019 on instagram. Since then, Sidney has accumulated wealth and influence in the Nigeria comedy and entertainment industry. In this post we’d be looking at Sydney Talker Net worth, biography, family and education.

Sydney Talker Early Life

Sydney Egere also known as Sydney Talker is from Edo state but was born and bred up in Lagos State, he was given birth to in 1995.
He is a a student of computer science in the University of Benin, he was raised by his single mother after his parents divorced when he was still little.

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Sydney Talker Education

Sydney Talker is a comput science student from the University of Benin, he also attended primary and secondary school in Edo state.
He said what prompted him into studying computer science is his passion for videography, since there isn’t a university in Nigeria that offers videography as a course, Sidney saw computer science as the only routine that can give him the knowledge of video production hence he went for it.

Sydney Talker Career In Comedy

Sydney Talker started his career on instagram, he came into limelight after releasing his first comedy skit The Power Supply in 2016. Although he wasn’t really popular after releasing the skit, it still boosted Sydney’s career as it paved the way for the current fame Sydney has gotten. After releasing the skit, he was fondly given the name Mr Bean of Nigeria because of the way he imitates Mr Bean with his funny face.

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Sydney Talker talked about the reason for his funny face in his comedy skits, in an interview with, Sydney said he has been receiving positive remarks about his funny face but never took it seriously until he met Toyin Abraham, he said she told him that his facial expression was unique, she also called him the Mr Bean of Nigeria, i believe that was where Nigerians picked his AKA from. He said since there he has made his facial expression his priority as he believes that’s what make people attracted to him. He said Even if i dance, people still talk about my facial expressions.

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Sydney Talker is known for featuring celebrities in his comedy skits, he has featured the likes of Davido, Nasty Blaq, Craze Clown, Pankeroy, Beverly Osu and other notable Nigerian celebrities. Sydney Talker has over 500 thousand subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Sydney Talker has received many criticism from Nigerians in 2016about promoting sexual activities after he shot a skit with Craze Clown where they acted as the police officers who caressed the ladies body without remorse.

Sydney also organizes a dissing session called Bad Mouth where the students of the University of Benin diss themselves in the school premises, he uploads the videos on his fanpage on instagram and facebook.

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Sydney Talker Net Worth

Sydney Talker didn’t only acquired fame through comedy but has also earned money and has accumulated wealth from his comedy skits as he’s been paid to promote brands in his videos, he is also hired to be the master of the ceremony (MC) on different occasions. Sydney Talker also flaunts his riches on instagram and in his music videos, he is currently estimated to be worth about $100,000.

Sydney Talker Social Media Platform

If you love Sydney Talker but can’t access his social media handles then here it is 👇

Facebook: Sydney Talker

YouTube: Sydney Talker

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Instagram: @sydneytalker

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