Top 10+ List Of Tourist Attractions In Nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with many tourist attractions across the country and In this post, I am going to  outline the list of tourist attractions in Nigeria

Nigeria, also called the giant of Africa is known for its numerous tourist attractions. This has helped in building the Nigeria economy as it encourages investments by foreigners visitors in the various sites of attraction.

Yankari Game Reserve

Yankari game reserve also known as Yankari national park is a wildlife park located in northen Nigeria, Bauchi state to be precise.

The yankari game reserve is one of the most largest and most visited tourist attraction in Nigeria. It is estimated to cover about 2,244 square kilometres.

Yankari national park has enhanced tourism in Nigeria because people from different countries around the globe troop in to have a look on the animals and the natural vegetations in the park. It also has many natural spring water which spices up it awesomeness. If you are looking for a spot you to get yourself, family or spouse awed then Yankari  game reserve is the perfect place.

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Obudu cattle ranch

Obudu cattle ranch and mountain resort is located in Southern Nigeria in the city of Calabar, Cross river state. The obudu cattle is one of the most talked about tourist attraction in Nigeria. It is a very natural ranch, it is a home for cattles as the name implies but Obudu ranch source of attraction doesn’t stop there, it has a lot of animals living in it and also comprises of waterfalls and mountains.

The ranch also has a resort called the obudu mountain resort for relaxation especially when you want to spend more than a day there.

Idanre Hill

The Idanre hill is located in Southwestern Nigeria, Ondo state. This hill is another breathtaking tourist attraction in Nigeria.

It has 660 steps and forested passages that is fascinating to the eyes.
Idanre hill has a school, stream, old settlements and palaces on it.
If you are a lover of rocks or a geologist then going to Idanre hill would be a plus to your knowledge.

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Ikogosi Warm Spring

Ikogosi warm spring is an unusual tourist attraction.
As the name implies, it houses a spring which has a natural combination of both cold and warm water, it’s awesome right? It is also surrounded a by many hills and grasslands. It also has a resort for visitors who plan to explore the warm spring for a more than a day.

Kagoro Hills

Located in the southern part of Kaduna in Northern Nigeria. Kagoro hill is one of the best place you can ever go to in Nigeria.
The kagoro hill houses a lot of villagers from the kagoro land with its massive land mass and has accommodated a lot of foreigners because of the stories linked to it.
It is believed that a giant once lived year about 300 years ago, the villagers said the giant who has a dog was a warrior and defended them in times of war. It is also believed that he lived in a cave on the hill. The footprints of the giant and his dog can still be seen on the hill till date. I’d advise you to give the kagoro hill a try when looking for a tourist attraction to visit in Nigeria.

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Zuma Rock

Zuma Rock is one of the most visited tourist attraction in Nigeria. It is located in northern Nigeria,  Niger State and covers 3.1 kilometers in circumference.
Zuma Rock posses a figure like a human face (nose, eyes, and mouth) which made it standout as one of the most visited attraction. It is mostly visited by foreigners across the globe and has greatly increased the publicity of Nigeria.

Takway Bay Beach

Takwa bay beach, is a beach located in Lagos State Nigeria.
It is known as a spot for water sports such as swimming and surfing. It’s a small beach hence it is usually not over crowded. The takwa bay beach standout as one of the best tourist attraction in Nigeria because of its peaceful and noise free environment, villagers who live around the beach make ends meet by selling stuffs to the tourists who visit the beach. If you are in search of a place where you can have a good time with your family, friends or spouse then takwa bay beach is the right spot.

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Nike Art Gallery

The Nike art gallery also made it to our list of tourist attractions in Nigeria.
Owned by Chief Nike Davies, the Nike Art Gallery is an artistic attraction in Lagos, it is filled with artistic drawings and inscriptions.
The buildings of the gallery is adorned with colourful artworks ranging from textiles, fabrics, paintings and metal work. The four storey building features a textile museum and loads of other artistic craft work. If you are a lover of art, then the Nike Art Gallery is where you can enjoy the creativity of art.

Awhum Waterfall

Located in Enugu state in Eastern Nigeria, the Awhum waterfall is one of the best natural tourist attraction in Nigeria.
The Awhum waterfall has a cave beneath it. The waterfall is said to be about 30 metres high.
The water runs through the surface of the rock forming a stream, a part of the stream is always warm which makes it unique.
The waterfall is believed to have healing powers hence it is used for many religious activities. The Awhum waterfall is sorounded by grassy valleys and hills, the only disheartening thing is that pictures are not allowed inside the cave.

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Chad Basin National Park

The Chad basin national park is one of the most fascinating tourist attraction in Nigeria.
Located in Borno state Nigeria, it covers an area of about 2,258 km².
The Chad basin national park is home to many animals ranging from the guinea fowl, black crowned crane, demosielle crane and white storks.
The Chad basin is merged with some game reserves such as: Gorgoram ,Baneria forest reserve and dugoma game reserve which consists of many wildlife and zoological gardens.
You can choose to host a family fun fair and other social activities in the park. The management of the Chad basin park guaranteed adequate security in the environment.



I know you are no longer skeptical about where to explore after you’ve read this list of tourist attractions in Nigeria.

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