Yomi Blaze Biography, Net Worth, Songs And Record Label

Yomi Blaze is a Nigerian rapper and song writer, he is currently signed to one of the biggest record label in Nigeria YBNL. Yomi Blaze was born and bred up in Surulere, Lagos State. He is considered to be one of the most versatile artiste in Nigeria, which means he can switch genres without stress.

In this article, we’re going to be seeing the biography of Yomi Blaze.


Name: Yomi Blaze
Occupation: Rapper, Song Writer
Record Label: YBNL


Apart from being versatile, Yomi Blaze is also an indigenous rapper, he raps in one of the major tribe in Nigeria; Yoruba which makes him unique and also makes him stand out in the Nigeria music industry. Yomi Blaze came to limelight long before he was signed into YBNL, just like his boss Olamide, Yomi Blaze has brought up many Yoruba rap to his fans, some of his hit songs are Ika, Dance To It, Make It, Whine For Me, Call that Girl, Hot like fire and others.

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Before joining YBNL, Yomi Blaze was previously signed to Silicon Entertainment record label, he has also been putting out freestyles with his buddies “team blazing” which consists of Picazo and Oze.

yomi blaze record label
Yomi Blaze and Olamide

Yomi Blaze Age

Yomi Blaze age hasn’t been disclosed when this article was written but it is believed that he is 20+ and he was given birth to on March 1st.

Yomi Blaze Net Worth

Yomi Blaze has made a name for himself in the Nigeria music industry which have created a fan base willing to buy his songs. He is currently net worth $20,000.

Yomi Blaze Songs

  • Ika
  • Dance to it
  • Make it
  • Whine for me
  • Call that girl
  • Hot like fire
  • Juju, guns and roses
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Social Media Profile

Instagram: @yomiblaze

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