Top 10 Best Hospitals In Nigeria (Updated 2023)

Are you looking for the best hospitals in Nigeria? Are you tired of traveling outside the country all the time for medical check-ups or treatment?

Do you also know that you can get the best medical treatment here in Nigeria without leaving the country?

Hospitals are graded on how well they keep patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors.

Nigeria falls short of these expectations but some hospitals help to cover up our ‘unhealthy’ shame to some extent.

Every hospital knows its perceived worth be it a private or federal hospital. And in this article, we will give you the Top Best Hospitals In Nigeria, that will give you the best in the health sector.

Top 10 Best Hospitals In Nigeria

Below is a list of the top 10 best hospitals in Nigeria in no order;

  1. Eko Hospital 

  2. Lagoon Hospital

  3. ABU Teaching Hospital

  4. University College Hospital

  5. Reddington Hospital

  6. St Nicholas Hospital

  7. First Consultant Medical Center

  8. Primus International Super Specialty Hospital

  9. Cedarcrest Hospital

  10. Evercare Hospital

Eko Hospital

One of the best hospitals in Nigeria is the Eko Hospital. The Eko Hospital is a private hospital located in Ikeja with an annex in Ikoyi, Central Lagos, Surulere, Lagos State Nigeria.

This hospital was established in 1982 to succeed Mercy Specialist Clinic. It has 130-bed facilities with many good facilities in general.

Therefore, if you want good medical attention, Eko Hospital is among the best for you.

Location: Ikeja Lagos state and Surulere Lagos state

Established: 1982

Type: Private

Lagoon Hospital

Another leading private hospital in Nigeria is the Lagoon hospital. It is one of the best private hospitals in Nigeria.

It was established by Hygeia Group in the year 1983 with the intention of giving the best.

It has 6 different locations with the names  Lagoon Apapa, Lagoon Ikeja, Lagoon Victoria Island, Lagoon Clinics in Adeniyi Jones Ikeja, Lagoon Specialist Suites in Victoria Island, and Lagoon Ikoyi with Lagoon Apapa being the number one.

With more than 30 years of experience, it has grown to give the best in improving its tech and skill in saving lives daily.

From being the first private hospital in the country to successfully perform open-heart and winning a lot of awards such as;

  • NHEA Private Healthcare Provider of the Year 2018 & 2017
  • SNEMIS Excellence Care Award
  • AES Excellence Club Excellent Healthcare Provider of the Year
  • LAWMA Award of Excellence

Location: Ikeja Lagos state and Surulere Lagos state

Established: 1983

Type: Private

ABU Teaching Hospital(Largest Teaching Hospital In Nigeria)

Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital is the best hospital in the northern part of Nigeria and one of the first-ever hospitals in Nigeria.

AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL, ZARIA also known as ABUTH was established in the year 1966.

They have made quite a name over the last 56 years. Having many successful heart transplants, kidney transplants, surgery, and so on.

If I am not mistaken, it is the most visited hospital in the North and one of the best teaching hospitals in Nigeria.

Location: Zaria, Kduna state

Established: 1966

Type: Federal

University College Hospital(Best Government Hospital In Nigeria)

Another one of the best hospitals in Nigeria and the oldest hospital in Nigeria is the University College Hospital Ibadan.

The University College Hospital (UCH) was strategically located in Ibadan, then the largest city in West Africa which is also the seat of the first University in Nigeria.

The hospital was officially commissioned in 1957.

The University College Hospital, Ibadan currently has 850-bed spaces and 163 examination couches with occupancy rates ranging from 5560%.

Location: Ibadan

Established: 1957

Type: Federal

Reddington Hospital

The Reddington Healthcare Group is renowned in Nigeria and abroad for medical excellence and attracts world-class Specialist Doctors and Surgeons.

It is one of the best hospitals in Nigeria and among the best modern-day hospitals.

It was established in the year 2001 and is in collaboration with London’s Cromwell Hospital but became a full-fledged hospital in 2006.

They specialize in renal dialysis, ophthalmology, radiology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgery.

Location: Victoria Island, Lagos State.

Established: 2006.

Type: Private

St Nicholas

Best Private Hospital In Nigeria

St Nicholas hospital is another hospital that has a high medical reputation and is among the best hospitals in Nigeria.

St Nicholas is a private hospital located in Lagos state and was founded in 1968 by Moses Majekodunmi.

It has locations in Maryland, Lekki, and Victoria Island all in Lagos State.

The hospital is known to have performed the first kidney and renal transplant in Nigeria and is the first to perform the first pediatric kidney transplant in West Africa.

Its success cannot be overemphasized. If you want a good hospital to meet your medical needs the St Nicholas hospital is the one for you.

Location: Maryland, Lekki, Victoria Island all in Lagos State.

Established: 1968.

Type: Private

First Consultant Medical Centre

First Consultant Medical Center also known as First Consultant Hospital is one of the best private hospitals in Nigeria.

FCMC is a renowned private university that was established in 1982 by Dr. Benjamin Nnamdi Ohiaeri.

Its popularity surged in 2014 during the Ebola virus pandemic when Patrick Sawyer was taken there for treatment on arrival in Nigeria.

With over 35 years of experience, it is known to have succeeded in performing gynecology & obstetrics, pediatrics and neonatology, internal medicine, and general medicine surgery.

And it has continued to give the best to its patients.

Location: Lagos Island Lagos State.

Established: 1982.

Type: Private

Primus International Super Specialty Hospital

Primus Super Speciality Hospital is a state-of-the-art institute of Specialized surgery conveniently located in the heart of Nigerias capital, Abuja.

it was established by the renowned Primus Super Speciality Hospital, India for specialized surgery.

Having the best technological equipment and skill, Primus International Super Specialty Hospital has an over 120-bed facility developed by the best world-renowned medical specialist.

The hospital owns a pharmacy that can also run drug tests. Both hospital and pharmacy run a 24hrs 7 days treatment.

Due to its wide range of specialists and world-class technology, it is among the most sought-after hospital for medical treatment in Africa and the world at large.

Location: Karu, Abuja.

Established: Nil

Type: Private

Cedarcrest Hospital

Another one of the best hospitals in Nigeria is the Cedarcrest Hospital. It has been among the best private hospitals since its establishment in 2008.

It is also among the modern-day hospitals which have made quite a name for themselves. Its main specialties are Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Surgical Services, and Medical Services.

Over the years, Cedarcrest has succeeded in having renowned world-class facilities for the treatment of numerous diseases and different surgical operations.

They are among the best providers of healthcare and specialist with quality training.

Location: Abuja.

Established: 2008

Type: Private

Evercare Hospitals

Evercare Hospitals is among the biggest and most renowned hospitals in Nigeria.

The hospital operates 28 hospitals, 16 clinics, and 75 diagnostic centers, and has about 10,500 employees in 6 countries which are, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Kenya, and Bangladesh.

Evercare hospital in Lekki is fully privately owned and funded. It is located at Lekki Peninsula Scheme 1, Lekki, Lagos, and has a 165-bed space facility hospital.

They have a well-equipped dialysis lab, ICU, and advanced laboratory that has helped them in achieving success in most of their healthcare treatment.

Location: Lekki Lagos State.

Established: 2021

Type: Private

FAQ On Best Hospitals In Nigeria

Below are the Frequently asked questions and answers to them;

Which State In Nigeria Has The Best Hospital?

According to our article above, The best hospitals in Nigeria are mostly located in Lagos. But there are other places that have good hospitals that can take care of our health needs.

What Is The Name Of The Best Hospital In Nigeria

We don’t have a specific name but believe me what we have below is the best;

  • Eko Hospital
  • Lagoon Hospital
  • ABU Teaching Hospital
  • University College Hospital
  • Reddington Hospital
  • St Nicholas Hospital
  • First Consultant Medical Center
  • Primus International Super Specialty Hospital
  • Cedarcrest Hospital
  • Evercare Hospital

Which Teaching Hospital Is The Best In Nigeria?

I don’t have a specific hospital that we will say is the best. But we will list out the top largest teaching hospitals in Nigeria for you based on our recent research.

  1. University College Teaching Hospital – UNIBADAN.
  2. ABU Teaching Hospital
  3. UCTH– University Of Calabar.
  4. JUTH– University Of Jos.
  5. LUTH– Lagos State University.
  6. UNTH– University of Nigeria Enugu.
  7. Evangelin Hospital-Bingham University.
  8. MUTH Imo State University.
  9. LAUTECH– Ladoke Akintola University
  10. University Of Benin Teaching Hospital

Conclusion On Best Hospital In Nigeria

Just as written above, Private hospitals are topping the list, especially those that have collaborated with other countries.

You can receive very good health care in Nigeria without leaving the country. With our article on the best hospitals in Nigeria, we hope we have been able to feed your curiosity.