Effi Lotto Himself: Results, Today Prediction, Hot Numbers, Mid Week

Effi Lotto Himself: Results, Today Prediction, Hot Numbers, Mid Week – Check all Effi Lotto Himself Predictions, Forecasts & Sure Hot Numbers for today, tomorrow, and midweek for free today.


Effi Lotto is one of the top Nigerian and Ghanaian lotto forecasters for the past 5 years. His predictions are always sure and on point.

He is popularly known for his accurate Ghana NLA results prediction and Nigerian Baba Ijebu results prediction.

Today, in the course of this article, we are bringing you Effi lotto today prediction, mid week, himself interested, 06 bonus.

Also, we’ve talked about www baba ijebu Effi lotto com, Effi results, pathfinder as well as Effi Facebook posts on hot numbers including success numbers and machine numbers.

Effi Lotto Himself

Effi lotto himself interested is is an individual or group of individuals owned by Chuks enterprises, who specializes in lottery prediction organized by the Nigeria Company called Baba Ijebu and Ghanaian Company NLA.


The prediction is offered through their Facebook page with over 100,000+ followers, this page through its Facebook post gives predictions and hot numbers on baba ijebu lotto, NLA lotto and so on.

Effi Lotto Mid Week

Effi lotto mid week gives you all the sure lucky hot numbers for mid week games, it includes both success numbers and machine numbers.

Effi Lotto Results

Effi lotto results entail all the results from the past predictions and the exact result of the game that was played that day. They are quite good at prediction as these are some results from his past predictions.

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Baba Ijebu Effi Lotto Results 1Baba Ijebu Effi Lotto Results 2

Effi Lotto Today Prediction

Effi lotto today prediction consists of the hot numbers for mid week games, bonuses, premier GOLD, SUPER, TOTA, CLUB MASTER, etc.


So now, how do you get Effi lotto today prediction? Well, it is not by googling www baba ijebu effi lotto com. Effi lotto today prediction can be gotten from his Effi Facebook post on his Facebook page, and we have attached it below for easy access.

Although Effi provides free predictions on their page as you can see above, If you want a quick and premium prediction, you can purchase any of their premium packages by reaching out to them using their number (08133796447). 

You can call or WhatsApp them, below are some of the premium packages they have:

  • Premier Diamond
  • Premier International
  • Premier Fortune
  • Premier Gold
  • Premier Bonanza lotteries

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Today Effi Lotto Prediction?

Today Effi lotto prediction can be gotten from his facebook page which is (Effi Lotto Himself)

Is Effi Lotto Himself Accurate & Legit?

He has a very high prediction success rate, but of course you should always proceed with caution.


How Do I Check My Baba Ijebu On My Phone?

The first thing you have to do is to dial *755# for you to be able to gain access to the baba Ijebu. After you have done that, you would have to confirm that you are over 18 years of age. You would then accept the terms and conditions of this service.

How do you play Baba Ijebu?

(Step 1) Go to, select lotto. Click Register at the right-hand side of the screen, fill the form that pops up on your screen and click register. (Step 2) Fund your wallet as explained here (Step 3) Select your preferred Draw (Step 4) Select the game of your choice NAP 2, PERM 2 etc.

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Can I play Baba Ijebu on my phone?

You can now play any of our daily lotto draws from your MTN number, using your airtime credit. Playing a game could not be easier……all you have to do is dial *755# to gain access to the Baba Ijebu Lotto Mobile Gaming Service


We hope you have been enlighted on Effi Lotto Today Prediction, mid week, lotto bonus, results, www baba ijebu Effi lotto come, hot numbers, Effi Facebook, etc. If you have any questions, please comment below.